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Companies That Offer Garbage Collection Services In Kenya

companies that offer garbage collection services in kenya


Sanitation and community health is one of the major essential areas that are important and should be looked upon by relevant authority for their splendid conditions. These areas should be well established to make sure that the health conditions are of the highest quality. The services which could minimize, avoid or reduce the impacts of poor sanitation is the building of latrines, garbage pits and periodically collection of garbage and waste material.

Poor sanitation in areas may cause outbreak of diseases and epidemic where it may lead to death, displacement among other effects. This will affect the population and therefore may also cause an economic loss. Companies have thereby been established in Kenya to ensure they provide waste management, garbage collection and other related services to combat the effects that may be caused by waste materials scattered in these areas. This companies provide residential garbage collection as well as industrial as waste discharge is also harmful. The best companies which are well established to offer this and more services include;

Zoa Taka LTD

They are a premier service provider to many satisfied individuals and corporate clients where they collect and dispose any quantity of waste in all areas. Some of the services they offer include waste management, garbage collection and disposal, gardening and landscaping, general cleaning of specified areas as well as supply of bins, liners and bags. The benefits of this company to their clients are various and involved the personalized services, save on the cost as their services are cost-effective, improved safety, flexibility in their working hours, non-stop services, emergency collection, transition management programme and safety audit.

Garbage Dot Com Ltd

This garbage collection and waste management services company was registered to fill in the gap that existed in providing the superior services in cleaning and waste management. Through their services, they focus on people as they are the reason they are in this business, Service to ensure that they offer exemplary service to their customers as well as the environment for the sustainability of the activities. The major services that they offer include waste management, sanitary services, and fumigation and pest control services. They also provide comprehensive range of recycling services for both local authorities and business firms.

Taka Kenya Ltd

This is another sanitation service provide with the most skillful personnel in the business market. They take care of residential, commercial, industrial waste collection, waste disposal and waste recycling needs, reducing the waste management costs and helping them with their obligations. They also use the latest technology to ensure that the disposal they can tailor a waste management schedule that fits in with the customers’ waste collection and waste disposal requirements, all backed up by their extensive selection of waste collection methods. The most unique residential solutions include waste pickup offering a wide variety of curbside residential pickup services, making it easier for their customers, Recycling services to use the natural resource for the best, Dumpster services, medical waste that is the specialized waste disposal system for medical waste among many more services.

BINS Nairobi Services Ltd

This is the first private garbage collection services in Kenya and one of the best in the services provision. This company focus on reviving the city’s environment to its former glory and ensuring that the future health of the population and also the protection of the environment by providing efficient garbage collection and disposal services at a reasonable price. BINS offers garbage solutions for all ranging from residential customers where they supply 2 plastic bags per week as well as industrial/commercial customers who receive a customized service depending on their particular needs.


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