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Companies Providing The Best Construction Services In Kenya

companies providing the best construction services in kenya


Construction in Kenya can take a lot of types and variations and can involve a lot of procedures. The construction types and designs can involve the construction based on corporation or individual works and include building and construction of roads, bridges, dams, houses, stalls and many more sites. This therefore require special techniques for the safety of those who will later use it for their benefits as well prevention of the damages they can cause to the people and environment once it collapses or develop problems.

The construction of such structures thereby require qualified expertise who ensure that their structures do not expose the people or surrounding environment to threats or injuries once they collapse. They have to be a general procedure for the construction. The most delicate structures which should be built with the highest standards of care and caution are roads. These are the structures in which almost everybody use. Poor construction procedures have seen the increased road accidents due to fault in the construction and building. Kenya therefore have various companies which construct roads with the highest safety standards. These companies include;

MOHA Kenya Ltd:

This is a limited liability company incorporated to deliver a diverse full scope of Civil Engineering works of varying sizes and forms. They operate as the principal contractor or a partner of a joint venture of projects both in the private and public sector with an extensive client base ranging from government organization, international organization and private sectors. They are one of the best Civil Engineering companies in Kenya since they have a professional, courteous and safe approach particularly on sites where any public services would be affected, they rely on their own resources including a full fleet of small and heavy plant and equipment that are regularly upgraded and fully maintained by their technical personnel and also due to the determination and inherent flexibility to get all works completed by following a well schedule of works, mobilizing equipment without delays, delivering materials on time and monitoring progress closely.

PRISM Construction Ltd:

This company is another company in Kenya which specializes mainly in road and safety roads constructions. It is a Civil Engineering plant but put more emphasis on the construction of roads and other road construction services as they thrives on innovative, continuous improvement, best practices, dynamic and forward thinking while delivering professional services. Other Road construction services offered by this company include Road Design and Building, Construction Management, General Contractors as well as the general road construction.


Paveway Kenya Ltd:

This company provides high quality road marking and construction services locally and internationally to other countries outside Kenya. They ensure that their road marking, road maintenance and constructional as well as Road Furniture services are of the highest quality by use of the modern technology in the process of delivering their services. Paveway Limited provides high quality road and highway marking to a wide range of clients, contractors, private developers and governmental agencies. Paveway has also successfully completed stripping jobs, large and small that include highway stripping, Roadway marking, Parking Lots, Airport Runways, custom jobs and many more services.



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