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Children`s Hospice And Palliative Care Centre In Nairobi: Offering Medical Services For Children In Kenya

children s hospice and palliative care centre in nairobi offering medical services for children in kenya


In the society today, children have been most vulnerable to most diseases and health problems all over the world. The mostly affected children by these diseases are children from developing countries such as Kenya and those living in disease-prone areas. Children in Kenya lack the way to get to hospitals in Kenya. This has led to increased mortality rates of children in Kenya, especially children below age of five years. This is an alarming death rate in Kenya, and therefore, institutions and medical centres in Kenya have to be developed in large numbers.

Services offered at the Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi

Children Mental health and psychology services in Nairobi– Children with mental diseases in Kenya can be treated or effectively handled in Children Hospice and Palliative centre in Nairobi with ease by the highly qualified doctors in Kenya. Mentally ill children in Kenya are taken care of where the doctors in Nairobi advise the parents on how to take care of the sick children for their healthy living. Children Hospice and Palliative centre in Nairobi also host psychiatrists in Kenya who help children to recover from any psychological problem.

Trauma therapy for children in Nairobi– Children Hospice and Palliative centre in Nairobi provide trauma therapy fully which reduce the suffering of the child and increase their life expectancy.

Child welfare clinics in Nairobi– Children especially infants in Kenya and those at tender ages require a lot of check ups by doctors in Kenya for any type of diseases and infections.

Dental clinic in Nairobi for children– Childrens’ teeth are prone to infections and diseases from the food they eat and Children Hospice and Palliative centre in Nairobi has a dental clinic for children. For dental treatment and check-up in Nairobi, you should take the children to Children Hospice and Palliative centre.

Diagnostics and X-rays services in Nairobi– Bone fractures in children in Kenya, dental injuries in children and many more can be treated in Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi where X-ray services to children are offered in Nairobi. Children Hospice and Palliative Centre also offer laboratory scanning in Nairobi and diagnosis of blood and other body chemicals and fluids.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts in Nairobi– Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi offer rehabilitation of drug addicts in Kenya. Children who have been affected and addicted to drugs such as cocaine, heroine, and bhang or even alcoholics are treated in Children Hospice and Palliative hospital in Nairobi.

Consultation clinics for children in Nairobi – Doctors in Children Hospice and Palliative Center offer consultation on any health matter to parents whose children are affected or infected.

Opening hours of Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi

The order of consultations in Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi is Monday – General surgery consultations, Tuesday – Paediatric clinics in Nairobi, Wednesday – Obstetrics and gynaecology services in Nairobi, Thursday – dental clinics in Nairobi, Friday – encology (cancer) services and clinic in Nairobi.

Location of Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Kenya

Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi is open all weekdays from 6am to 10pm and can be contacted from the Children Hospice and Palliative hotline numbers 0787159610 or 0717166894. The Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi is located at Transcom Medical Centre in Nairobi. Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi CBD is on the second floor Transcom Medical Centre along Tsavo Road in Nairobi. Children Hospice and Palliative Centre in Nairobi is opposite Accra Bar and Restaurant in Nairobi CBD on Accra Road. Children Hospice and Palliative Centre is a 2 minutes walk from Kenya National Archives in Nairobi.

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