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Blooming Beauty Clinic: Providing Professional Waxing Services In Kenya

blooming beauty clinic providing professional waxing services in kenya


Taking care of your body is a fundamental part of being a human being. The human body thrives on nurturing and one way to accomplish this is through eating well and exercising. However, there is another way that ensures your skin showcases that beautiful glow and this is through waxing. Waxing service in Kenya is a technique that has been developed for centuries and when done in the right way, it takes care of unwanted body hair and leaves you feeling refreshed and confident about your body. Of course, there are many special occasions where waxing services in Kenya would really be appreciated. Weddings in Kenya and anniversaries in Kenya fall on top of the list of events that call for a person to get waxing service in Kenya. Blooming Beauty Clinic in Nairobi is the place to go when you are in need of waxing services in Kenya.

Services offered at Blooming Beauty Clinic in Kenya

Blooming Beauty clinic in Kenya offers a variety of waxing services for Nairobi residents. The underarm waxing service in Kenya ensures that your underarms remain smooth and even coloured. This enables you to put on sleeveless dresses and blouses without worrying about showing underarm hair. Another service offered is the full arm waxing. As the name suggests, this service takes care of your full arm and keeps it hairless. Leg waxing service is another vital service offered at Blooming Beauty clinic in Nairobi. And one cannot forget to mention the famous bikini wax service when talking about waxing. Blooming Beauty Clinic in Nairobi has well trained professionals to keep you happy and satisfied. The waxing session in Blooming Beauty Clinic takes a one-hour duration and is done in a serene, hygienic environment. Only high quality products are used to make the sessions very fulfilling and highly enjoyable.

Location of Blooming Beauty Clinic in Nairobi

Blooming Beauty Clinic in Kenya is located in Westlands part of Nairobi. Blooming Beauty Clinic in Westlands is on  Chiromo Lane just behind K1 on Mogotio at Royal Offices and you can book a waxing session in Nairobi by contacting the Beauty clinic at 0734503808 or 0725503808. It is advisable to book a waxing apointment in Blooming Beauty Clinic at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays. Waxing service provided by Blooming Beauty Clinic in Nairobi has many advantages. Waxing removes the hassle of regularly shaving your legs and arms or the use of shaving creams which may lead to skin irritation and allergies. Professional waxing services in Nairobi are definitely the way to go to ensure you get the best treatment.

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