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Best Places To Order And Purchase Cakes In Kenya

best places to order and purchase cakes in kenya


Festive seasons in Kenya are of various types and are accompanied by a lot of special foods and snacks. The festive seasons involves weddings, birthdays, thanksgiving and many more festive seasons. All these festive seasons require preparations for a certain period of time to enable the planning of how the event will take place. It is during this period that the event planner will have to plan on the specific place that the most important snack, cake would be acquired.

Cakes are the most important and essential snack that are used for the special occasions as they can be decorate to express the message or the general information on what the event is all about. For instance, if it was a wedding, the cake would be decorated to show the names of those who are getting married. The same will apply to the other events such as birthdays and special thanksgiving occasions.

The baking of the cakes are therefore done by special organizations who have been developed to provide these services to their customers. The bakers are given the basic instructions which involve the style of the cakes, the designs and any other special writings to be done on the cake. These organizations are therefore paid for their services and for better services to their customers, they have opened up branches all over the country to reach out to their clients.

The organizations which are therefore trusted and have the experience to do any of the designs of your ordered cakes involve;

Cake plaza

This organizations is involved in provision of cakes for special events such as weddings, birthdays and many more special events. The other services they offer are the creation of the design of your choice in form of cakes. They also provide the best venue that you can use for you meetings, birthdays and any special events. Additionally, you can order any cake of your choice and design and can be delivered to your home in the selected areas of Hurligham, Kilimani, Upperhill, Westlands and CBD


This is another organization thats is special in custom, handcrafted cakes for all occasions from wedding cakes, birthday cakes to corporate cakes. Their unique cake designs do not only look great but also are delicious as they have the highest quality of species. They offer all variety of cakes such as Black Forest, White Forest, Marble, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Chocolate Fudge, Fruit and Hawaiian Passion Flavored cakes.

Cupcake Ltd

This company offers the services of cake baking for any orders which are made for special occasions. Their cakes are carefully crafted and decorated to any style and color combination and their designs are from fresh flowers on cakes, elegant cigarellos, slabs on cake, cornelli, basket weave to African pots cakes and they can name it for your special occasions. They also offer cake tasting and free consultations on appointments which the customers can book by calling them at +254 715 533144 or email at [email protected]

Sweet Inspirations

It offer cake baking services as they have a reputation for exceptional quality. All cakes that they offer are individually designed and crafted to fulfil ever the clients’ dreams. The cakes they offer are for all occasions from weddings, corporates celebrations, special occasions as well as birthdays. The cakes are made according to the customers’ wishes in form of designs and ingredients ensuring that they are flexible with the customers’ budget will deliver and set up the cakes at no additional costs within Nairobi.

Valentine Cake house

This is one of the top services providers that ensure that the best quality of cakes in the country as they offer the beautiful, moist, delicious cakes. To provide the highest quality of cakes, they are driven by the need to create original cake flavours and designs that will continue to serve the growing demand for quality cakes in the country. This organization offer the services from the cake baking, decorations, delivery and set up for the special occasions. Apart from the services of the cake baking and decoration, this organization also like to pass the knowledge and skills of cakes baking and decoration to the interested persons. This organization in order to provide their customers with their services, they have opened up a lot of their branches all over Kenya.

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