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Best Companies Offering Transport Services in Kenya

best companies offering transport services in kenya


The transport sector in Kenya is one of the major sectors of the economy which provides services to almost all the other sectors of economy. The transport sector offers rampant services to the urban centres and may involve Matatus, Cabs and other transport services such as those on luggage and other commodities.

In Kenya, there are several companies which ensure that the transport sector is smooth running by providing transport services of luggage and other commodities such as sand, spare parts and others through containers and for long distances. These companies are available in the country and through them a lot of entrepreneurs have established businesses due to benefits that they get from such businesses. In this form of business, the company is hired to transport the commodities from the manufacturers to the businesses which they will be sold off to the common customers. Most of these companies use trailers so as to transport a large load and once for the minimizing of the expenses.

Such Companies are well-established in Kenya as many firms in Kenya need transportation of commodities such as raw materials from the firms to the industries for processing. The companies well known for their best services include;

Freight Forwarders (K) Ltd

They are the host of the popular known “TRANSEAST Limited” which offer inland transportation and facilitate the transportation of heavy loads by using their specialized variety of hydraulic, and modular low loaders. They have more than 250 specialized trucks for the different transportation purposes. Other services they offer in the inland transportation is heavy haulage, heavy lifts, general cargo handling and satellite cargo tracking. For hiring of their specialized trucks or for any assistance, they can be contacted through +254 41 2227573, +254 41 2227575 or email at [email protected]

Hakika Transport Services Ltd

They offer brilliant transport services that ensure that their customers are satisfied with these services. They have a wealth of experience in discharge of vessels of steel products, grains, clinker and containers for onward transport to warehouses. They are also involved in the transportation and storage of empty containers for all the major shipping lines operating majorly at the port of Mombasa. Hakika Transport services is a fully insured and licensed by the Kenyan Department of Transportation and therefore offer 5 star customer services at competitive rates and 100% satisfaction. Other specialized services offered include empty container transportation and storage, import/export containers transportation, bulk clinker transportation as well as steel coils/billet transportation. They can be contacted on P.O BOX 86961-80100, Telephone +254 203 576081, +254 723 111000 or email at [email protected]

Siginon Group Transport Ltd

They offer a variety of services as far as transport is concerned. Some of the services they offer include Cargo and Warehousing which is offered to the customers in the modern, Spacious and secure warehouses in different towns, Transport Logistics where their clients can hire their trucks for services in different areas in the country, Air Cargo and Freight which include air transport facilities as well as Port Terminal Operations where they are involved in the emptying of containers in the ports. For access of their services in any of the fields they offer services, they can be reached through Telephone +254 733 620699, +254 729 403694, +254 722 205003 or email [email protected]

Seacon (K) Kenya Ltd

This company is a wholly owned Kenyan company which is registered to carry out the business of Freight forwarding, shipping, consolidations, transport, warehousing and any other related business in the transportation sector. Services which they offer in the transport related sector is Customs Clearing and forwarding, Petroleum products handling, Bulk and Project Cargo handling, Motor Vehicle Importers, Warehousing and Consolidating Agents. For their services, they can be contacted through fast contacts through Telephone +254 722 965852 or email [email protected]





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