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Banking Services Available In Kakamega Town.

banking services available in kakamega town


Kakamega town is located in western region which has larger population of people. Apart from this, this town has various education institutions (colleges and universities) where students converge from all corners of Kenya. The students from the colleges and universities pay their fees and therefore there was need to have banks that will keep these fees save.

The students also need to be accommodated while school. Therefore the accommodation services to the students are provided by the people of Kakamega town hence they need to save the money they get from these students. All the investors in Kakamega need to save their money and this is done by banks which guarantee security. In order to serve the investors interest, various banks in Kenya have opened their branches in Kakamega town.

The banks which are available in Kenya include:

  • Equity bank Kakamega branch.
  • Kenya commercial bank (KCB) Kakamega branch.
  • Cooperative bank Kakamega branch.
  • Family bank Kakamega branch.
  • Postbank Kakamega branch.
  • Standard chartered bank Kakamega branch.
  • National bank Kakamega branch.
  • Barclays bank Kakamega branch.

The branch of Equity bank in Kakamega town is located in Ambwere Buildings on Kakamega – Mumias road, opposite the Kakamega round about.

KCB Kakamega branch is located along Kenyatta Avenue, opposite Yako supermarket just adjacent to Kakamega governor county offices. Cooperative bank Kakamega branch is located opposite Masinde Muliro gardens adjacent to Bendera house along the Kakamega – Mumias road.

Branch of Family bank in Kakamega is situated along the Kenyatta Avenue adjacent to Kakamega general motors’ garage while The Kakamega branch of post bank is located along Canon Awori Street.

Kakamega town standard chartered branch is located in ground floor of Mega Mall along Kakamega – Kisumu highway just opposite the Masinde Muliro gardens while the national bank Kakamega branch is in Walias building along Kakamega – Kisumu highway. Kakamega Barclay’s bank branch is also located along the Kakamega – Kisumu highway opposite Kakamega police divisional headquarters.

If you need more information on how to open an account with these banks, then, you need to visit any of the banks of choice you may like.

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