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Tips On How To Gain Weight In Kenya

tips on how to gain weight in kenya


Everybody in Kenya is so engrossed in searching for tips on how to lose weight to gain that coveted shape. On the flipside, there are those underweight people in Kenya tormenting themselves with junk in a bid to weigh more, and add to the figure on that weighing scale. Most anorexic and underweight people in Kenya cannot really get tips on how to add to their weight. There are two ways to go about adding to those kilos in Kenya:

  • Eat to gain weight
  • Work out to gain weight

Eating to gain weight in Kenya

This method of eating to gain weight in Kenya is the easier of the two mechanisms, but just like in a bid to lose weight, you not only have to eat but to eat right. There are a few tips on how and what to eat to gain weight

Eat the right kind of fats

To give paunch and volume to that thin body frame maximize on avocados and other available dairy products in Kenya such as milk. Do not eat ice-cream and most certainly do not indulge in fast foods such as fries and burgers which are quite common in Kenya
Eat often

This applies to even those Kenyans who want to lose weight. Ensure that you eat at least five meals over the day. This does not mean junk and sugars but rather proteins and carbohydrates. You should focus on having calorie rich foods in Kenya. Keep off sugars found in soft drinks and opt for low fat milk instead. Remember, you want to be healthy at the end.
Eat foods high in protein

Protein is a building block for muscles, skin and bones and is as such an essential part of your diet. Most people believe that proteins help in building muscles, but this has been scientifically dismissed. Foods high in proteins in Kenya include eggs and meat. For the vegetarians, soy and beans are equal sources of proteins in Kenya.
 Layer on the carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in Kenya are the mains source of body energy. They help the body perform its functions. Complex carbohydrates are good for the body, but the simple ones should be avoided. Simple carbohydrates are stored in the body as fat and this not healthy for the body. Brown rice, potatoes and whole grains are examples of carbohydrates that should be eaten.
Eat late at night

A recent study in Kenya showed that people who eat late at night have higher body mass indices as compared to those who ate earlier in the night. This is probably because when you eat early, food is metabolized faster.

Work out to gain weight in Kenya

Exercise helps you build your appetite. You can do crunches and pull ups in the comfort of your living room. Cardio exercises also help to build muscles in Kenya. With time, you can invest in weights as your body will slowly adapt to the simple exercises.

With these simple to do tips, you will gain weight and still be healthy.

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