Tips On How To Embrace Happiness In Kenya

by Jean Wandimi  - April 21, 2023

Ever asked yourself this question, “what was I meant to be?” we have all as Kenyans wrestled with the fact that we might not be in the job fields in Kenya we are supposed to be. Ever felt trapped in time and space like you should be somewhere else in a different place living a different life? We have all watched a movie, seen a picture or read a book, and we’ve said these words, “This is me. This is where I want to be”. We have envied other people’s situations, opportunities and experiences in Kenya, and we have thought that we could do more with the situation. If I had his money in Kenya, I would open a bar here. If I had her networks in Kenya, I would be so far right now. If I had his talent in Kenya, I would be the talk of this city. If I had her beauty I would do this, I would do that.

We always want to be at any place in Kenya but not here. We want a little more money, a little more then we think that we would be HAPPY. Happiness in Kenya is not measured by the material possessions since they can all be taken away. Happiness, however, is determined by contentment and experiences shared with friends and family in Kenya. Happiness might be brought by well earned success in Kenya and a sense of accomplishment, but it doesn’t end there, I believe that one is truly happy when one surrounds themselves with the right people in their life in Kenya. Its brought by accepting our situations and by making the best of it.

There so many tips that you can use to achieve happiness in Kenya and make your situation better. So many times we are stuck in a rut, In a situation so grim that all hope is lost and there’s no sign of redemption, but there’s always something to do. Evaluate your choices in your life in Kenya, and learn to accept what you have already. Kenyans should learn to celebrate all the small successes and goodness of life. These are just trenches of life in Kenya. In such times, its best to take a little time off. Relax a bit. Re-strategize a way out.

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