The best shops that offer Tattooing services in Kenya

by Jean Wandimi  - April 24, 2023

Fashion and design is among the major areas where most people may like to be and be able to move with the current trends in the market. Many people usually go an extra mile to ensure that they appear fashionable and trendy but using the most trending clothing, footwear and other body ornaments such as bracelets, earrings, rings and many more. From the spirit of the fashions and designs, they have been able to go beyond and introduce tattoos on their skins.

Tattooing the body has become one of the most fashionable trend where people tattoo different things on their skins and in any part of the body. Some believe that tattoo convey certain messages and feelings about someone or something. For instance, some people may tattoo their skins with the picture of their child to express the love they have for them while others may tattoo bible verses on their skins to express how strong they are in religion. Therefore tattoos being fashionable, needs to be done carefully since it may temper with the functionality of the skin if done abruptly. There are several tattooing shops in Kenya which ensure quality of the services and also offer care of the skin after the tattooing process and they include;

Body Shock (Right Gifts Ltd)

This is one of the shops whose staff have the best experience in the tattooing expertize. They ensure that they do the tattooing in the body part you are interested for a tattoo but they first give their customers the advice on the best place of the body to have a tattoo depending on the style of the tattoo. They have a unique collection of tattoo art, and superb customer services and with the owners at hand to assist in choices and delivery. There shop is located in the second floor of Yaya Centre and can be contacted through Telephone number +254 722 788347 or 020 2718251 or email at [email protected]

Aligator Kenya Tattoo

This is another tattooing place which is within Nairobi and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Their tattooing services ensure that the customers’ skin is not affected by the tattoo ink as they do it gently and with the best care. They also offer body piercing services to their customers and the better part of this shop is that there pricing is affordable and pocket-friendly. There are located at Githurai 45 at third floor of Glad Stay Plaza room number 35. For any of their services, they can be contacted through Mobile Phone Number +254 711 526638.

Bigmeeych Tattoo Shop

Bigmeeych Tattoo shop is another tattoo parlor that is centrally located in the CBD of Nairobi along Moi Avenue and have staff with the highest experience in tattooing and body piercing services. In their tattooing process, they use the different designs and styles as well as different tattooing ink of the highest quality in the market to ensure that their customers do not face side effects of the tattoo due to poor services. For their services or any assistance, you can pay them a visit in their shop or contact them through +254 729 991203.

Epic Tattoos Kenya

This is a tattooing shop located in the outskirts of Nairobi CBD but provide professional tattoo work and specialize in and not limited to custom and free hand tattooing, old tattoos rework and cover-ups plus a variety of designs to choose from. They also offer advice on the best tattoo designs depending on the part of body the customers need a tattoo. There tattoo artistes are available for house call and consultations free of charge and can be reached through +254 728 449 492 or through email at [email protected] or can be visit in their shop at Koma Rock Estate.





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