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Rehabilitation Centres In Nairobi City

rehabilitation centres in nairobi city


The following are the major rehabilitation centres and their contacts within Nairobi City County:


Asumbi Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (Karen)

P.O. Box 34374-00100, Nairobi

Tel: 020-2322497, 0721287822


Brightside Treatment And Rehabilitation Center

P.O. Box 16942 – 00620, Nairobi

Tel: 0722847130


Eden Village Eden Halfway House

P.O. Box 41187 -00100 Nairobi

Tel: 0722867693, 0726552476, 0722901804


Conquerors With Christ Trust Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 78414-00507, Nairobi

Tel: 0720720844, 0702133170, 0720887221, 0738974674


Chiromo Lane Treatment Center

P.O. Box 1501- 00606 Nairobi

Tel: 3749979, 0722789698, 0202164288


Kenyatta National Hospital-Department of Mental Health & Rehabilitation Services

P.O. Box: 20723-00202 KNH

Tel: 2726300-9 Ext. 44115, 44101


Greater Life Concern

P.O. Box: 58817-00200

Phone: 020-8048605/6


The Bridge Treatment and Counseling Centre

P.O. Box 21396-00505 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 020-2321004, 020-2147314, 0719284001, 0733135693


Emmanuel Resource Centre

P.O. Box 57626 -00200, Nairobi Kenya

Tel: 0722565397, 0732761666


Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel: 0727659130, 072723409



P.O. Box 21761-00505, Nairobi

Tel: 0203875045, 0722216032 0724511709


STEPAWA Halfway House

P.O. Box 22-00100, Nairobi

Tel: 0724346769, 0725237255, 0734171046


STEVFO Treatment and Counseling Centre

P.O. Box 65-00100, Nairobi

Tel: 0721952642/0721428368


Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment and Specialized Medical Centre

P.O. Box 139-00502, Karen

Tel: 20 3882 448/20 3884 352, 0735-550000, 0733-440000


Nairobi Outreach Services- NOSET Maisha House

P.O. Box1207-00502 Nairobi

Tel: 0733901657, 0720401793


Mathari Hospital Drug Rehabilitation Unit-Medical Department

P.O. Box 40663 – 00100

Tel: 3763316/7/8, 0721336017


Masaa Home

P.O. Box 10241-00100 Nairobi

Tel: 0202724192, 0720939348, 0720316019


Maisha House, Rongai

P.O. Box 1207-00502 Nairobi

Tel: 0723695167

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