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How youths Can Improve Their Lives In kenya

how youths can improve their lives in kenya


Youths are one of the biggest sources of market for much business and the common question being asked is the number of ways that can be used to help them develop so as to prevent them from being victims to the high growing trends in which immorality has affected them in a more negative manner. It is important therefore for people to find suitable projects that can help them make some money while running business.

Poultry farming

Majority of youths have gone ahead to invest in the project and make money from it. The outcome is that many of them have been able to get employment and achieve much in life hence improving their way of living. It is important that farmers and county representatives continue supporting the youths so as to get better ways of earning money and income from the project.

Selling Water

There are some towns in Kenya where water supply is becoming a burden for many of the farmers. The trend is growing and creative youths have gone ahead to make money by acquiring loans and distributing water to the people at a profit. The project is helping the youths generate money that may be used to improve other sectors of the economy hence improving the economic conditions in the country.


Many Kenyan youths have discovered that they can earn a lot of money through agriculture. Horticultural produce such as flowers and other perishable fruits are sold by the youths to many urban centers that have good market prices. Agricultural farming has helped the youths maximize their profits and continue to expand their businesses.


The music industry is flooded with alt of youths that are writing more songs and earning money through it. In Kenya, the entertainment industry has the biggest number of youths that continues to invent other creative ways of making money through arts. The public should support such projects.


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