How To Overcome Monday Morning Blues:The Kenyan Way

by Jean Wandimi  - March 5, 2023

Monday mornings are one of the most dreaded periods in Kenya, and more so in Nairobi. Students in Kenya don’t feel this effect as the working nation does.  A cold or rainy Kenya Monday morning is reason enough to make one call in sick. Again the opposite is true. There was an acronym coined some time, and it does rounds on social media every Friday, religiously! “T.G.I.F” which means Thank God It’s Friday is usually every working man’s update in Kenya. Most workingKenyans  always look forward to the weekend, to unwind and have at least 7 hours of sleep time.

Nairobi, with all the cars moving around is a traffic prone area. For reasons I would not understand, rain somehow always makes traffic worse in Kenya. On a rainy day, you can take thrice the time you normally take to get to a particular destination. It is also strange how the rain suddenly lengthens the distance travelled and you find yourself paying twice the normal fare. These are the challenges facing working residents of Nairobi City. You can now then imagine the hardships faced on a Monday morning after having a relaxed weekend in Nairobi.

There are a few things you can do to ease Monday morning blues anywhere in Kenya. The most important thing is to prepare yourself psychologically for Monday. You should tune your mind in such a way that you accept that Monday is here, and it will be there for the rest of your time. Time waits for no man, so it is up to you to condition yourself accordingly.

Ensure that you are set for Monday in Kenya. Put your things in order the night before. If you have to pick out the clothes to wear, do so on a Sunday night in Kenya. You could also do your ironing and polishing of shoes before you go to bed. This will ensure that you spend less time preparing in the morning. You will in turn have enough time to get to your   work station anywhere in Kenya and start off the week on a good footing.

Friday is only four days away anyway! With this mentality in Kenya, you will have something to look forward to all week.

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