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How ‘understanding’ leads to achievement of success-Advice to Kenyans

179 how understanding leads to achievement of success advice to kenyans


How ‘understanding’ leads to achievement of success-Advice to Kenyans


“Failing to understand or understanding to fail “, get it right today.

Many Kenyans fail to be successful just because they failed to “understand “from the word go. Understanding is the most critical and most fundamental of components which allows for any changes in your life. Without understanding, there is nothing and no means to change your situationin Kenya. All means of achieving highly in Kenyan context rest within the mind and understanding is the foundation of all this. The Biblical Solomon did not pray or ask for wisdom as many think. But rather he asked for understanding. Because of understanding he became the wisest man that ever lived and also the richest man that ever lived. Most religious Kenyans believe in this biblical point of understanding. Below are some basic understandings to help Kenyans youths:

1. Understanding is fine

That is, when you truly understand something completely, it becomes almost as if it becomes a tangible and physical thing. This happens because your understanding has allowed you to change the way that you look at the world, and incorporate that understanding within that view. understanding all about your environment in Kenya is crucial.

2. Understanding is the way to achieve anything

If there is something which you can’t seem to do, it’s because your understanding isn’t there. If somebody can do something, you can also do the same and this is 100% guaranteed. All the Kenyans should so is to get to the same level of understanding as those who have achieved in Kenya do.

3. Understanding is a gradual process

You won’t understand everything straight away. In fact, you’re likely to not genuinely understand anything which someone tells you, even if you think you understand it. As you begin to apply the route to your goal, your understanding will begin to increase, and you will notice many things which you hadn’t even realized.

4. Understanding requires action

It doesn’t matter how much somebody says something to you, or how much you think you understand the topic. The only way to understand something truly is through action, because then you can at first hand, experience the true intricacy which make up the understanding of something. So whatever you think you understand is completely minor, in comparison to when you put your understanding into action.

What to Expect/Conclusion

It doesn’t matter how big a goal is, or how intricate and one-off it may seem. The key to all success and manifestation lies quite simply in understanding. So long as you have the understanding and apply it, you can get anything you want. Youths in Kenya should therefore seek understanding of things to gain more success in the future.

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