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Share With Me Your Dream…The kenyan Dream

109 share with me your dream the kenyan dream


Share With Me Your Dream…The kenyan Dream


We all have our dreams, our wishes of the future and where we would want to be. I tend to think everyone has a positive dream and wants life to be a bit better in their dreams. Some of us manage to live up to their dreams and make it achieve them, but others lack the motivation that is necessary to dream bigger and to achieve big things in life. We all agree that one has to start somewhere. I tend to think that place is the dream one has.

It’s Never Too Late To Live Your Dream! Yes I have said it. You are just never too old; too depressed, neither are you too deep into the worldly issues to dream and to get turn your dreams into a reality. You should recognize that when God moves on your behalf, it’s just a matter of time before you will be living your dreams. I too have a dream.

Well, the other day I’m driving my Lamborghini Aventador to my charity foundation ‘The Fountain Of Hope’ in Westlands, Nairobi. On board are my two beautiful and curious eight and ten year old daughters and my husband. I am attending the celebrations of five years anniversary of the foundation. We are the guest of honours since we are the founders. I anticipated that my children would realize that one does not choose their destiny or our family to be born in. They have leant to be kind and to appreciate everyone they rub shoulders with in life from their parents. The foundation that I and my husband started make a home for all street children all over Kenya who need to access, care, basic needs and education just as any other child in this world. We utilize the best psychological doctors to give hope and turn around the lives of these children. Among the people in attendance for this ceremony are our caring sponsors from abroad. The event is a lot more fun and a blessing to all.

We later make our way to my family’s fashion house in the middle of the city. It’s marvellous how this place fills with people from all over a Kenya and tourists! Its site alone attracts our consumers. It’s a place where you can find the latest fashion designer clothes, liveries and shoes in this season, vehicles, home paraphernalia, office equipments and latest electronics. After all the thought behind this was to avail all you need in one roof. It first started with the latest fashion then progressed to a place where you can shop for everything you need. It’s a spacious place that can accommodate many shoppers at once and decorations that are found in this fashion house are spectacular. Ooh I’m getting carried away! We make a stop at the management section to find out how the place is doing. We have been absent on vacation in the quaint area of Barcelona for the last month. Some catching up with business won’t hurt.

Later on this day we make progress through the busy traffic of Nairobi towards our home. The traffic never ceases , but we know better to start heading home before the rush hour. Our residence has a 14,000 square foot dream house complete with a gym, Movie Theatre, bowling alley, basketball court, pool, and a hair and makeup salon. It also has a wide car park for our Bentley Mulsanne, Lamborghini Aventador, and my husband preferred models. My house is a home! A place full of love and appreciation for our family and our visitors too. It’s situated in the flatlands in the interior of Lavington away from the hustles and bustles that come with the noisy city life. This part of Nairobi is characterized with cool quiet environment and a place where media is rare. There are no disturbances, and my neighbours are lots of acres away. It’s a secure place where my I bring up my family.

Ooh! Please don’t wake me up from my sweet dream. I want to dream on till I get there. I share my dream with the expectation that one day I will achieve all and more. You just never know, life has a lot of marvels and good things happen when we believe. It’s your turn to share with me your dream….

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Drawn to understanding the intricacies of the corporate world, Jean-Wandimi pursued a degree in Organizational Psychology at a top Kenyan university. Here, she studied the subtle interplay between human behavior, workspace design, and organizational culture, making her deeply aware of the multifaceted nature of office environments.

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Outside of her written work, Jean-Wandimi is a consultant for major corporations, providing expertise on building positive office cultures and environments. She also hosts workshops and is a regular speaker at industry conferences, championing the importance of employee well-being and its connection to workspace design.

Today, Jean-Wandimi stands as a leading voice in the realm of office dynamics and design psychology. Her work continues to influence and inspire, ensuring that workplaces aren't just functional, but also nurturing spaces that foster growth and collaboration.

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