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Top 20 Best Places To Go For Honeymoon In Kenya

top 20 best places to go for honeymoon in kenya


Honeymoon is very essential to newly weds.There are idyllic honeymoon destinations in Kenya which have unique essentials such as beautiful sand beaches with clear water,complete privancy,romantic settings,picture views,sumptuous beds,fine dinning and other luxury packages that will make your honeymoon memorable.

Msambweni Beach House

Its located in Msambweni,Mombasa and its perfect honeymoon spot with serene surrounding,interesting activities such as snorkeling,scuba diving,dolphin and whale watching,motorized waterspots,sailing in local fishing dhow or canoe,playing golf and mountain biking,fireplace chat and deeps sea fishing.It creates a feeling that reflects Kenya’s heritage and offers unique atmosphere for newly weds

Diani Reef

Lies in South Kenya Coastline in Mombasa.It carries magic to spice up your married life such as enjoying breathtaking views and natural beauty of the surrounding and also pristine white sand beach and turquoise ocean,Kenyan wildlife gameparks.

Pinewood Beach Resort

Lies on the unspoiled shores of Indian Ocean.Offers unique services and many interesting activities for couples to enjoy,relax on the beach,swim in the beautiful swimming pool,enjoy fine dining and serene environment

Swahili Beach Resort

Its located on Diani Beach in Mombasa.Offers a perfect combination of relaxation,romance and privancy.One can take a walk on the beautiful white sand beach,swim in the colourful pool,enjoy unique Swahili and world-class dinning.

Almanara Beach Resort

Almanara Resort is located on Diani Beach in Kwale District.Its ideal destination for privancy,romance and luxury.Offers a wide range of activities such as surfing,scuba diving,swimming,snorkeling and a complete island experience.

Kinodo Kwetu

Its located on South Coastline beach.Features beautiful natural surroundings,tranquil atmosphere,refreshing moments and magial effect.

The Cove Tree Houses

Located 12 km from Diani Town.Its a site to enjoy panaroma views of the coastline on a boat cruise and other activities such as kite surfing,diving,snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

Southern Palms Beach Resort

Its located on Diani Beach 35 km South of Mombasa.The resort has extraordinary blend of Arabic and traditional Swahili architecture,tropical gardens,coconut palms,beautiful swimming pool,serene environment.

Ocean Beach Kenya

Its located 2 km North of Malindi Town on a beautiful sandy beach.

Offers great facilities such as Morjana Spa,gourmet restaurant,swimming pool,Jacuzzi and other outdoor activities.

Baobab Beach Resort

Located in Diani Beach .Has interesting activities and fine dining

Shela House

Its most dramatic location with steps onto the sands and striking pool and offers trip on traditional Swahili dhow.

Manda Bay

Located in Manda Island,Lamu.Has perfect panorama views.

Leopard Beach Resort

Has beautiful scenery and wonderful services,you will experience glamour as you treat yourselves to the resort’s spa services.

The Majils Resort

Located on Manda Island,Lamu.Its a perfect blend of Swahili and western cultures.

Sandies Tropical Village

Its located in Malindi offering water sports,archery,table tennis,evening animation program.

Voyager Beach Resort

Located in Mombasa,and offers great facilities,lush tropical garden,pristine beach with sparkling water.

Alfajiri Villas

Saruni Samburu

Located on top of Kalama mountains,7 km from Northern border of Samburu National Reserve.

Naibor camp

Located in Masai Mara

20.Joy’s camp

Site for romance,adventure and wildlife viewing.


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