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Kenyan Men To Avoid During First Date

kenyan men to avoid during first date


Going on a first date with a person is often very challenging with each party trying to impress one another.The kind of words you tell to your mate on the first day really matters alot and for a lady,the folloing are some of the characters you should avoid when going out with a man on the first date.

He Likes Talking About Sex

Avoid a man that will always talk of how he will want to please you and make you feel great on the first day.The picture being portrayed here is that there are high chances of him being a hit and run guy.Ladies should avoid such men and go for guys that are patient with them and are willing to wait and give the relationship time to grow.

Talks About His EX

Such kind of men are simply not have recovered fully from their heartbreaks and can dissapoint you at any time of their life.It is good for one to keep past life to themselves and avoid telling it to their dates as they wont play any normal part in helping the relationship to have a good foundation for growth.

Has a criminal background

A person that reveals their criminal backgrounds on the first day are not orthy of keeping and that should give a lady a chance to have no reason to continue with the relationship.There are high chances that such guys are not safe especially when criminal information is on the rise in the country.

Family Upbringing

A man that treats bad their mothers and even sisters is very dangerous to keep and should be avoided at all costs.Go for a person that has good interaction skills with the family especially the female counterparts.


No lady will wish to date a guy that is broke and has no signs of working hard for a bright future.Ladies should go for a person that has good jobs and those that are well behaved by being responsible when it comes to finances.

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