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How To Get A Dating Partner In Kenya

how to get a dating partner in kenya


There is a particular advert on our Kenyan television stations that has overtime caught my eye. “Dial *699*1# to get your partner”

If you are looking for love in Kenya, you will apparently get leads by dialling that number. Well I am not sure how the whole thing goes, but I guess they randomly match you up with someone who has texted their number to the same site, the catch being that the couple is not of the same sex- I think!

There are very many dating sites in Kenya, Kenyan Cupid being the most famous. This dating site in Kenya encourages single people looking for partners to log in and interact with likeminded people over email and instant messengers. Once you have identified your catch, you can step up communication to phone calls or even arrange to meet up. For the lucky few, they meet potential spouses that way but others are not so lucky. People could register to the site only to use and dump you and woe unto you if you land on such. I have heard stories of people who have met online and once you meet up in person, you experience life beyond your imagination. There is a movie that showcases the very cons of meeting people online. It goes by the title, “The wife I met online”.  A guy named Bryant meets a lady named Georgia online and they eventually get married after a couple of months, only for Georgia to kill Bryant’s workmate and attempt to kill Bryant by stabbing him with a knife. She then runs away and changes her name. At the end of the movie, she is on the phone with another potential husband! There are many psychos out there, and in as much as this was just a movie, take care.

I personally do not advocate for this kinds of hook ups in Kenya. I think you are safer meeting someone, getting to fully know them and then decide on getting into in a relationship or not. With this caution, it is likely that you will get to know your partner fully. Even if it takes time, at least you are not in for surprises. If you are looking for a partner in Kenya, I suggest you go out, make and meet friends. Confining yourself to four walls will most certainly not help the situation. You can attend parties, weddings and even church functions in Kenya. Chances are, someone is also looking for a match up partner in Kenya, and as such you will seize the double coincidence opportunity.

Finally, it is always good to pray, for those who believe in a higher power. Such matters of the heart need care and caution. These are just the few tips about dating in Kenya. Now you know the precautions to take while in your search for the right partner in Kenya. 

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