How to Attract a Kenyan Lady

how to attract a kenyan lady


Kenyan ladies have for a long time been noted to be hard to get more especially because men are not displaying the type of qualities they want. However, it has come to the realization that majority of men have gone ahead to better their chances of winning the trust of ladies by applying the following qualities.

Being well groomed

A Kenyan lady will want a man who she will feel being more comfortable around with. Men that are well groomed will always make a lady feel proud to introduce them when she is around her friends. Grooming however, does not mean that a man spends so much in fashion. It simply implies that a man should ensure that he looks well by having well maintained hair styles, brushed shoes and dressed in a more official manner.


This quality is very essential as it gives a woman a feeling of relief being around you. Furthermore, confidence makes a woman get the impression that the man believes in himself giving her the urge and curiosity to continue staying around you.

Be naughty and Funny

Kenyan ladies want a man that will create jokes and make her laugh. Ladies hate to be with a guy that is always serious and not having the will to create room for jokes and games. Men should be more creative and find more games and fun activities that will trigger ladies to laugh. Furthermore, be sensitive to her feelings and know when to crack jokes and definitely you will win her over.

Hardworking and Stable

None of the Kenyan ladies will want to be near a man that is poor and cannot afford to meet for her needs. Show a Kenyan lady that you are carrying your manly duties by supporting and taking good care of her. Being stable especially in financial matters is very important as it gives the lady the security and feeling of protection that they need from men.

Be busy

Kenyan ladies are more attracted to a guy that is rare and always focused on his projects. A lady will not wish to be around a guy that is always idle and has nothing to do. Being busy will eventually make a lady develop the curiosity of wanting to know more about you and what you do. She will be the one chasing after you.


Ladies love getting the attention of men more especially the one she loves. Wishing her a good morning, lunch and good knights will make a lady feel that you are actually caring and that is what will attract her to you. Always be there when she needs you and that will be the break through towards winning her heart.


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