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Where To Shop For Colognes In Nairobi

where to shop for colognes in nairobi


I had been doing rounds in the streets of Nairobi in Kenya all day. From Ngara to Gikomba looking for that linen white top that I had wanted to buy for close to a month now. Being a day in January, the sun seemed to have dropped a few degrees down. I then walked along to Mfangano Street in the citybwhere I was to grab a movie from those movie vendors. The movie shop was packed to capacity as usual, and so I stood outside waiting for my turn to be served. A guy came up behind me, tapped my shoulder and said, “Ma’am you smell very good. What cologne are you wearing?”

Boy! I felt good!!

Body spray, cologne, deodorant, splashes roll ons should not only be worn but more so, be worn right. There are so many counterfeits being sold in town, and you can’t be careful enough. There are people hawking colognes on the street of Nairobi which look like originals, only that they go for an outrageously low price as compared to their originals. Say for example “Chastity” by Rasasi going for 250 KSH while the same goes for KSH 1000 plus in any of the supermarket chains located all over the city of Nairobi.

Personally, I do not like those very strong scents, and I am sure many Kenyans out there share my sentiments. Cologne should mildly waft past ones nostrils not choke them to something close to an asthma attack or an allergic fit. Most of those cheap brands selling in most shops and supermarket chains are more of repellents than colognes- sorry to say. My rule of the thumb is if you are not financially capable of picking that KSH 700 cologne, you best stick to a “friendly” roll on that goes for KSH 300. You are sure to keep that sweat stench away as well as not offend people with too strong a scent.

There are so many brands of colognes in the streets of Nairobi town. I would advise you to stick to known stores such as Best Lady and all supermarket chains. There, you are sure to get real colognes. Body splashes are also gaining in on colognes. My personal best are signature / bath and body works body splashes. Nivea roll ons and body deodorants are rather affordable and keep you smelling fresh all day. Towards the higher end, there are again my personal favorites, Rasasi colognes. Here you will be spoilt for choice, from Emotions, to Innocence. Rasasi has a wide collection of pour homme (men fragrances) and pour femme (women fragrances).

For those Kenyans who think paying a few extra dollars to smell fantastic is worthwhile, you have designer colognes to check out, from Paco Rabanne to Elizabeth Arden. You will also find other brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss for Men and Jenifer Lopez, Karen Low for women fragrances. You best be careful when buying these designer colognes in Kenya. They range from KSH 3500 to KSH 8000 on average. In case you know someone who knows someone who works in the UN Gigiri, you could send them to buy you some designer fragrances in the UN commissary at a lower price as goods here are tax free.

Keep it fresh, keep it mild!

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