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Where to buy shoes in Kakamega town in Kenya: Bata shops outlet in Kakamega town.

where to buy shoes in kakamega town in kenya bata shops outlet in kakamega town


Bata shoe company is one of the oldest companies in Kenya that has gain fame in many towns in Kenya. The Bata company also has many shops outlets almost in every town in Kenya. This has been due to production of quality shoes which has been accepted by many Kenyans. They began with production of sandal shoes which were commonly branded the name “pata pata” by majority of Kenyans. They later produced leather shoes which are nowadays used by school children, office workers and other civilians in Kenya. Many parents flock to bata shops to get shoes for their children who go to school especially when the Kenya national examination council (KNEC) releases their examinations every year (KCPE and KCSE) because it is believed that it has quality shoes which can long durability as compared to other shoes.

Therefore, Kakamega town in Kenya is one of the towns that have bata shoe outlets. Since Kakamega town is the headquarters of Kakamega county and former western province, many parents flock to the town in search of school budget for their children. It is therefore necessary for the parents going to Kakamega to know the location of the bata shoe shops in Kakamega town.

There are two major bata shops in Kakamega town. The first one is located at kholera house (ground floor) along Cannon Awori street. This bata shop is opposite Mama watoto super market. It has a variety of shoes and these shoes have different prices. It is upon the person to choose the type of shoes they prefer. For the students, there are many leather shoes which are of high quality and durable.

The second bata shop is located in Ambwere complex ground floor and it is written bata shop. The Ambwere complex is along off Kakamega Webuye road.the bata shop in Ambwere complex also has a variety of bata shoes ranging from different sizes of sandal shoes, rubber shoes, leather shoes and safari boots. This bata shop is opposite Kakamega guest house and it is a five minutes walking distance from the Kakamega CBD. You can also pay Kshs.20 for bicycle boda boda ride.

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