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The Tusker Twende Kazi Reality Show in Kenya, How to Register and Participate

the tusker twende kazi reality show in kenya how to register and participate


Most people have seen the Tusker Twende Kazi advertisement in Kenya on TV and wondered what it is all about. Twende Kazi in Kenya is a novel reality show in the Kenyan market. Twende Kazi was launched in 2013 by East Africa Breweries Limited Company in Kenya (EABL) and is a model of the popular American show Amazing Race. The Tusker Twende Kazi show in Kenya will have 50 citizens of East Africa competing from Kenya to London in 50 days to take a bottle of Tusker Lager to Kenyan Rugby player Humphrey Khayange who is based there in London. The expedition of the Tusker Twende Kazi show in Kenya will then be recorded and broadcasted all through East Africa.

The Tusker Twende Kazi competition in Kenya courtesy of EABL company in Kenya was influenced by the Kenya at 50 celebrations in Kenya. EABL’s Corporate Affairs Director, Eric Kiniti has said the Tusker Twende Kazi show is intended to exhibit the resilience of the Kenyan spirit to accomplish whatsoever it sets out to do, and thus shall reflect Kenya’s coming of age as it turns 50.

The 50 contestants of Tusker Twende Kazi show in Kenya will be teamed up into groups of 2 and will contain of an average East African citizen and a celebrity. Fourteen Kenyan music and sports celebrities will team up with 14 Kenyans from different walks of life with remaining of the 50 being selected from Uganda and Tanzania. Enrollment for the Tusker Twende Kazi reality TV show in Kenya started on 12th December 2013 and will end in February 2014. The journey to London from Kenya will formally start in February 2014 and will take place over a 50 day period that will see the participants of Tusker Twende Kazi reality show in Kenya traverse a total of 13 countries and traverse two continents in the world.

How to Register for Tusker Twende Kazi reality show in Kenya

Before you register for Tusker Twende Kazi show in Kenya, one must first ensure they are eligible to compete. Firstly, in order to participate in EABL competition in Kenya, one must be 18 years of age or more on the date of the entry into the Tusker Twende Kazi competition in Kenya. You will also be required to provide a valid passport to participate in EABL Tusker Twende Kazi show in Kenya. The passport needed to register in the Tusker reality show in Kenya should be valid until October 2014 and should have 8 blank pages in it. To be a part of the Tusker Twende Kazi competition in East Africa, lastly you must not have a criminal record and be proficient in English.

If you are eligible for the Tusker Twende Kazi competition in Kenya, go to http://tusker.mobi/ using either your computer or internet enabled phone. If you have a Tusker Mobi account online, Log in. If you do not have a Tusker Mobi Account, you can sign up for an account. After logging in the Tusker Mobi account, on the page that comes after, click on GO TO TWENDE KAZI, next Click on ENTER THE MISSION. Thereafter fill the form with your details that are needed then click on SUBMIT.

Thereafter wait to be contacted on whether you have made it to the auditioning phase of the Tusker Twende Kazi show in East Africa. Who knows you may be the next big thing on TV so go ahead and REGISTER for the Tusker Twende Kazi mission sponsored by East Africa Breweries Limited Company along Thika Road in Nairobi!

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