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The Location And Services Of The Tribe Hotel In Nairobi, Kenya

the location and services of the tribe hotel in nairobi kenya


Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is one of the boutique hotels we have in Kenya. A boutique hotel in Kenya is a property that sets itself apart by the individualized attention and quality service it gives its customers in Kenya. Tribe Hotel is located along Limuru Road in Gigiri area of Nairobi. The Tribe Hotel facilities in Nairobi are specifically made to cater for the needs of a modern tourist, a VIP and a modern celebrity in Kenya. There is security and privacy for the guests in Tribe Hotel along Limuru Road and the hotel goes through great lengths to ensure that their guests are comfortable. Tribe Hotel in Nairobi also has great meeting spaces in Nairobi that are very private. The guests of Tribe Hotel in Kenya can hold board meetings in these conference/board rooms within the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. The Tribe Hotel staff is very friendly and they treat you like family by responding to your every need and giving you comfort.

The Tribe hotel in Nairobi hosts many events in Kenya. For example Tribal Chic event in Kenya- which is a fashion event in Kenya that showcases the works of great designers in Kenya both local and international, is usually held in The Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. Another event in Kenya that is usually held in the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is the New Years Eve party event in Kenya. The Tribe Hotel in Nairobi also holds special parties in Kenya like birthday parties etc. Tribe hotel promises to be set apart from the normal or common hotel room in Kenya and it brings you to a world of hip design with an emphasis on detail and luxury. Tribe hotel in Nairobi has an urban feel and the colours blend well. Tribe hotel in Nairobi also boasts of a hand crafted artifacts and collectibles from all over Africa. This helps in diversity and capturing the essence of all countries in the lovely African continent.

Tribe hotel location in Nairobi is also a major factor to its uniqueness. Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is located along the United Nations headquarters in Kenya. Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is located 25km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi which makes it convenient for people flying in to Kenya. Tribe Hotel in Nairobi has 137 guest rooms and suites. The suites in Tribe hotel extend this level of luxury and offer unparalleled level of class. Inside the Tribe Hotel in Kenya, the colours are earthly to evoke a cool atmosphere making the ambience of this place amazing. The hotel also has a spa, The Kaya Spa in Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, to ensure that guests of Tribe Hotel are relaxed. Facilities in Tribe hotel in Nairobi also include a well stocked library with thousands of books, a well stocked bar, a heated pool surrounded by falls and gardens and a jiko restaurant. The in-house restaurant of The Tribe Hotel offers continental cuisine with an African touch. The in-house restaurant of The Tribe Hotel is open for lunch and dinner from 6.30am to 11.00pm. The lounge in Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is usually open from 6.30am to 12.00 midnight. The types of food that the The Tribe Hotel offer are grilled meat, vegetables, pasta, pastries. Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is located next to the Village Market in Nairobi.

The Tribe Hotel menu in Nairobi has Parma ham, honeydew melon and grissini Braised golden onion confit, deep-fried cherry tomatoes and fresh thyme House smoked salmon, viking salt, onion marmalade and horseradish Fried baby calamari, fennel, orange and caper salad, on grilled polenta Tiger prawns. If you don’t know what half these food types are, perhaps it is time you paid a visit to treat yourself to these delicacies in the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. The food cost in Tribe Hotel along Limuru Road ranges from around Kshs 650 to around Kshs 2,000. The Tribe hotel in Nairobi has great reviews from tourists and local people who frequent it. Tribe hotel near village Market is a good place to treat yourself and relax as well as see the diversity in continental cuisine and service.

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