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The Best And Famous Hotels In Nyeri Town, Kenya

the best and famous hotels in nyeri town kenya


Nyeri Town is one the famous towns in Kenya that is situated in the central part of Kenya, and it was the former provincial headquarters of the Central Province in Kenya. Nyeri Town in Kenya is about 150 kilometers from Nairobi city and is surrounded by both Aberdare ranges and Mount Kenya. To get to Nyeri town in Kenya from Nairobi, you pick a matatu at Tea Room stage in Nairobi town and use the Thika Superhighway. People who are living in Nyeri town and wish to enjoy themselves with nice dishes during the weekends or weekdays, there are various good hotels in Nyeri town. People travelling through Nyeri town can also stop and enjoy dishes and accommodation in these hotels in Nyeri. These hotels in Nyeri include;

Aberdare county club in Nyeri town, Kenya

Aberdare county club in Nyeri town is one of the famous hotels in Nyeri that is situated at the Aberdare highlands on the Mweiga hills in Kenya. Apart from dishes, Aberdare county club in Nyeri town also offers conference halls, swimming pools, courts for tennis ball and bar for alcohols. For more information, you can contact the management of Aberdare county club and hotelin Nyeri town at +254 20 2437871, +254 721242711 or [email protected]

Westhood hotel in Nyeri town, Kenya

Westhood hotel in Nyeri town is a modern hotel which is well furnished. Westhood hotel in Nyeri town has conference halls for meetings and other events such as seminars in Kenya. Westhood hotel in Cetral Kenya also offers favourable drinks such as alcohol and has big screens that allow people to watch football matches. Westhood hotel in Nyeri is located on the Badden Powell Road. To enquire for more information, you can contact Westhood hotel in Nyeri town at www.westhoodhotel.co.ke or call +254 20 263 644

Outspan hotel in Nyeri town

Outspan hotel in Nyeri town is another hotel that is situated along Badden Powell Road, one kilometer from Nyeri town in Kenya. Outspan hotel in Nyeri town has many spacious rooms that also have gardens outside for relaxation. Rooms in Outspan hotel in Nyeri town have internet access that allows free browsing. Outspan hotel has various conference rooms for meetings and seminars in Kenya. For enquires, you can call Outspan hotel in Nyeri town on +254 (0) 708 832 225.

Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri Town

Green Hills Hotel is a world class hotel in Nyeri town that has designed rooms for maximum comfort during relaxation. Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri town is located along Bishop Gatimu Road. Apart from offering conference facilities in Nyeri, Green Hills Hotel offers the most conducive place for wedding events in Kenya. Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri part of Kenya only accepts currencies from Kenya (shillings) and United States of America (dollars) as the mode of payment for services. For more information, you can contact Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri town at www.greenhills.co.ke or [email protected]

Eland Safari Hotel in Nyeri Town

Eland Safari Hotel in Nyeri Town is also another hotel located in Nyeri town along Kanisa Road. Eland Safari Hotel in Nyeri Town has two big conference halls which can be used for meetings or business seminars, free wireless internet access and the best dishes. For more information, contact Eland Safari Hotel in Nyeri Town at www.elandsafarihotel.com or [email protected].

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