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The Best And Famous Hotels For Accommodation And Conference Meetings In Embu Town In Kenya

the best and famous hotels for accommodation and conference meetings in embu town in kenya


Embu town in Kenya is placed towards northeast of Nairobi city. Embu town was the headquarters of the former eastern province in Kenya and is now the headquarters of Embu County in Kenya. Embu town is about 122 km from the Nairobi city in Kenya. For those who are travelling through the Embu town or want a conference hall for meetings in Embu town, there are a variety of hotels in Embu town in Kenya that offer these services. The hotels in Embu Town in Kenya include;

Maina Highway Hotel in Embu town in Kenya

Maina Highway Hotel is a modern hotel in Embu town that has luxurious rooms for accommodation in Embu. Maina Highway Hotel is located along Haille Selassie Street in Embu Town, off Kenyatta highway in Embu. The rooms for accommodation in Maina Highway Hotel in Embu are arranged into single, twins and rooms for the executive people. The televisions are installed with DSTV in Maina Highway Hotel and are placed in each room to ensure adequate entertainment to the guests in Embu. The Maina Highway Hotel has large halls (three in number) for conference and seminars in Embu Town and accommodates about 100 people in each hall. For those who like browsing, there is free internet connection in Maina Highway Hotel. For booking of hotels and conferences in Maina Highway Hotel, you can call +254 20 2608702 or +254 739208630.

Philadelphia Retreat and Conference Centre in Embu town

Philadelphia Retreat and Conference Centre in Embu Town in Kenya that provides enjoyable accommodation in Embu Town and conference halls for seminars and meetings in Embu, especially for those who travel from Nairobi city to Embu town in Kenya. Philadelphia Retreat and Conference Centre in Kenya is located along Nairobi Embu Road and only 11 km from Embu town in Kenya on the western part. If you wish to book for accommodation with Philadelphia Retreat and Conference Centre in Embu, you can call +254 20 260 8702 or use the Philadelphia Retreat and Conference Centre website at www.philadelphiaplace.kbo.co.ke 

The Kryptonite Hotel in Embu Town

Kryptonite hotel in Kenya is located in Embu town along Mama Ngina Street. The Kryptonite Hotel  is located opposite municipal council offices of Embu town in Kenya. The Kryptonite Hotel in Kenya has large basement suitable for parking and there is highly guaranteed security. There are large halls for conferences and seminars in The Kryptonite Hotel in Embu Town and are connected with a wireless internet. They have screens for entertainment and better rooms for accommodation in The Kryptonite Hotel in Embu which contain elite bedding and bath linen. For more information, contact management at The Kryptonite Hotel website at www.thekryptonitehotel.com 

County view Hotel in Embu town

County view Hotel is a hotel found in Embu town along the Embu Meru Road just 5 km from Embu town CBD. County view Hotel in Kenya has televisions in all rooms to cater for entertainment and a free internet access. County view Hotel offers accommodation in Embu town and also has a swimming pool especially for those people who like swimming. If you want to book accommodation in County view Hotel in Embu, you should call +254 715314642.

Izaak Walton Inn Hotel in Embu Town

Izaak Walton Inn Hotel is one of the hotels situated in Embu town. Izaak Walton Inn Hotel in Embu is located along the Embu Meru highway. For those who are travelling or touring Embu town in Kenya, Izaak Walton Inn Hotel is the best spot for accommodation in Embu CBD in Kenya because it is always open throughout the day even on weekends. For booking accommodation in Izaak Walton Inn Hotel, you can call +254 712 781 810 or use Izaak Walton Inn Hotel website at www.izaakwaltoninn.co.ke 

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