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Safaricom Self-Care Service In Kenya

safaricom self care service in kenya


With the Advent of mobile phones in Kenya, many people have access to mobile phones with an estimation of around 29.8 million subscribers in the country. Of these subscribers in Kenya, majority of them have Safaricom lines due to the array of services such as the popular M-Pesa and M- Shwari in Kenya and also the wide network coverage within Kenya. For many customers in Kenya, an attempt to get details and information about their Safaricom line transactions or services of the network may be cumbersome, due to the ever busy helpline 100. This congestion on Safaricom help lines in Kenya can be attributed to the large number of subscribers that have queries and issues that need to be sorted.

In order to try and come up with a solution to this, Safaricom in Kenya has tried to come up with an easy and efficient way in which their customers in the country can get access to the information they need without having to wait in line for a Safaricom customer service personnel to answer their call. Safaricom in Kenya has various ways in which they give power to the consumer through their self-care options in Kenya.

One of the self help options from Safaricom in Kenya is by dialing *100# for the prepaid subscribers and *200# for those on postpaid in Kenya. Once you dial the number on your mobile phone, you get the self-care menu with various options such as: My Account-this provides options for Top-Up, Account balance, Sambaza, Tariff information and SIM swap; Internet bundles- This gives you options of how you can get the various bundles they have available for your data plan; Products and Services- this you gives you a menu to select on the various services they offer such as Bonga points, Skiza, Semeni and directory services; Mpesa- gives you a menu on the various Mpesa product and you select the one that you seek some information from; Get PUK Number- this is literally self-explanatory, and you just follow the instructions on the prompt in order to obtain your information; Premium Rate Services- this enables you to see any services your number is subscribed to and gives you the option of removing the if you are mistakenly subscribed thus giving you control over your line. On the other hand if you seek to buy the premium rate services it also gives you the option; Safaricom live-this gives a menu of their Safaricom live package that consists of Comedy, Music, Pictures and Educational content.

The other self help option from Safaricom to Kenyans is through the Safaricom Web Self-care. Safaricom Web Self-Care offers a lot of features and handy information to help Kenyans to manage their Safaricom lines. Safaricom services reduce the customers’ need to visit the Safaricom Care Centers in Kenya or call Customer Care.  One can access the web self-care by typing into your web browser -https://selfcare.safaricom.co.ke/. Once you do so you shall be taken to the Self-care webpage which  is a Protected Connection in Kenya as you will see on the top of the address bar showing the secure website verification icon, this means that the information you enter is protected and personal and cannot be easily be retrieved by those with malicious intentions. Once you load the portal page you will be welcomed and provided with the option to either register or login.

For new users of Safaricom Web self care click on the register to create an account with a username and password you can remember. For those that have accounts one only needs to log in using your username and password. After one signs up, you will receive your details on your phone to enable you to authenticate the registration. The website can enable those Kenyans with blocked the PIN of their SIM cards and would like to get their PUK to view the PUK number. It also has the capability to track ones credit history usage in Kenya.

The self-help website in Kenya enables you to follow up on your transaction details and give you the ability to track the calls you have made, the duration and costs per calls. It also enables you to see the data bundles usage at different intervals and for those on the post-paid option will be able to track the unbilled usage and track their bills in Kenya. For many Mpesa users in Kenya, one can now be able to track their transaction history, and this will give you peace of mind that you can account details whenever you need to without having to go to the customer service center. It lets you track your transactions for the last Six months in Kenya. You get to choose the kind of transaction you want to view history about such as Deposit, Withdrawal (Money withdrawn), Sent money etc. The M-Pesa report in Kenya will indicate the Transaction ID, Date, Sender Mobile number, M-Pesa agent transaction in Kenya was carried out at and amount. The self-care option in Kenya also gives you access to your Bonga points and shows the current points, redemption and accumulation history up to the last six months  and also gives you the option to redeem them online.

The online website of Safaricom in Kenya also enables you to access Safaricom shop and see the latest deals on offer and also has a store locater to enable you choose the shop closest to you. What’s more it has the option of live chat in which you can put your query to a customer care service operator online and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Apart from being cool and awesome, the Safaricom self-service in Kenya is fast, easy, efficient, convenient, and affordable. If you haven’t tried it, you should and you will be surprised at how simple and efficient it is, and you can now say Goodbye to having to wait for a customer service agent to pick your call or even worse waiting in line at a safaricom customer care center in Kenya to wait for your simple query to be answered. Don’t say you were never told; now you know how to make your life better by saving your time. Cheers.

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