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Reelforge Media Monitoring Company In Nairobi, Kenya

reelforge media monitoring company in nairobi kenya


Media monitoring in Kenya is the process of reviewing and analyzing information from various sources of media. There are different sources of media in Kenya. There is broadcast media in Kenya (television, radio), print media in Kenya (newspapers, journals, columns, articles, magazines and books) and digital media (internet).

A media monitoring company in Kenya simply goes through all the information in the three types of media and organizes it into data. The media data is important to certain companies and people in Kenya. Since media is a way of relaying information to the public, media monitoring in Kenya inspects this information. In Kenya, one such firm that deals with media monitoring is the Reelforge media monitoring company. Reelforge Media Monitoring Company in Kenya is located in Westlands parts of Nairobi in Fuji plaza. Reelforge media monitoring company in Nairobi has a number of employees who are delegated different duties. The employees in Reelforge media monitoring company are constantly on the computer reading, skimming and listening to various media. The employees in Kenya dealing with media monitoring in Kenya have a notebook to tally this information and organize it into useful data.

The process of media monitoring in Kenya involves going through the radio and the TV stations in Kenya. Since it is impossible to monitor these stations real-time, they record and then skim through it. Different recordings for different media stations in Kenya are saved everyday. The importance of this exercise is to help various companies in Kenya to know how many times their advertisements were run in a certain TV and Radio station in Kenya or how many times they were mentioned in the news briefs in Kenya. For example, if Safaricom company in Kenya, a local telephone service provider, wanted to know how many times its advertisement was run on Citizen TV in Kenya in a certain month, it will simply employ the services of a media monitoring firm in Kenya like Reelforge media monitoring company in Nairobi. In this case Safaricom company in Kenya as the client will pay a certain fee for this service. Reelforge company in Kenya will go through the recordings of that month and use a certain technology called digital fingerprinting to get the frequency of the advertisements. This uses the same concept that the police in Kenya use to search for an individuals fingerprint in a database. Safaricom in Kenya will then use this information to know whether the TV and Radio station in Kenya run the advertisements as per the agreements. This also helps musicians in Kenya follow up on their royalties from the Music Society of Kenya. A musician in Kenya should be paid depending on the number of times their songs play. Musicians in this case are the clients of the Reelforge company in Kenya.

For print media in Kenya, the company simply scans or uses the newspapers, journals and books in a hard copy form. It is easier to check the many times a company has been mentioned in a certain paper all month. The same concept is used for websites and blogs in Kenya.

Reelforge company in Kenya gets its income from client companies who want to know their impact in the society. In an age where marketing has taken root in all spheres it is very vital as a company in Kenya to know what is being said about you and the frequency at which word is spreading. There are very few media monitoring firms in Kenya. Some research firms in Kenya like Ipsos Synovate in Kenya also engage in some level of media monitoring but they also do research as their main thing. Reelforge is a company in Kenya centred only on media monitoring.

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