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Online Stores Available For Kenyans: How To Shop Online In Kenya

online stores available for kenyans how to shop online in kenya


Kenyans are slowly warming up to online shopping in Kenya provided by various websites and companies in Kenya on daily basis. This increased competition to retail shops and supermarkets in Kenya to take their competition for customers online by providing delivery services and online shopping in Kenya. Especially with affordable and reliable internet services in Kenya, and the busy lifestyle, the online shopping service in Kenya is becoming more common. Here are some of the top online stores in Kenya;

Mama Mike online store in Kenya

Mama Mike’s store in Kenya is an online store in Kenya that provide delivery services for online shoppers in Kenya. Mama Mike online store makes it possible for customers anywhere in the world to purchase gifts online, and have them delivered by Mama Mike online store to specific destinations within Kenya and Uganda. The Mama Mike online store in Kenya has been in existence for 11 years. Mama Mike online store in Kenya is based in Nairobi. The owners of the Mama Mike online store business in Kenya came up with the name Mama Mike since it was a neutral name and also one would come to associate it as something special.

Through the Mama Mike online store website in Kenya, customers from Uganda and Kenya can order airtime, shopping vouchers in Kenya (from Supermarkets such as Nakumatt supermartket in Kenya, Naivas supermarket in Kenya, Uchumi supermarket in Kenya, Ukwala supermarket in Kenya, Chandarana supermarket in Kenya and Tuskys supermarket in Kenya), flowers, cakes, chocolates, electronics, pay electricity bills in Kenya or school fees, and even gifts such as goats. You can access Mama Mike online store in Kenya via the website at http://www.mamamikes.co.ke/en/ 

Shop4mamakenya Online Store in Kenya

Shop4mamakenya Online Store in Kenya is an online supermarket in Kenya that mainly targets Kenyans living abroad to shop for their families back home in Kenya. One can order cakes, airtime chocolates, electronics such as televisions, microwaves, vacuum cleaners fridges water dispenser among others, flowers, pay electricity and water bills in Kenya or even pay school fees in Kenya for those back home from abroad, shopping vouchers from various supermarkets such as; Tuskys, Chandarana, Nakumatt, Naivas, Ukwala and Uchumi, one can also buy goats for their loved ones especially during the festive seasons such as chrismass in Kenya. Shop4mamakenya online store in Kenya does compare prices daily at major supermarkets in Kenya, and shops for you at the supermarket which has lowest bargains for various household goods and grocery goods which are available on their website. To access Shop4mamakenya Online Store in Kenya, you use the website link at http://shop4mamakenya.co.uk/ .

One buys their goods from Shop4mamakenya Online Store in Kenya by filling the shopping cart and later paying the total amount which can be paid through different means which include; Visa, PayPal, Western Union and American Express payment modes in Kenya.

Jumia online store in Kenya

Jumia online shop in Kenya is an online retailer for ones Technological and Fashion needs. Jumia online store in Kenya has a wide variety of goods including shoes, clothing, electronics, home accessories among many others which are then, delivered right to your doorstep after shopping and payment. The Jumia online store website is accessible 24/7 from anywhere and has secure payment methods such as online banking in Kenya, cash on delivery service in Kenya and mobile payment, Fast next-day delivery and returns after 7 days.

The shopping process is simple at Jumia online store website in Kenya. The process of shopping at Jumia online store website in Kenya, you Firstly log onto the Jumia online store website in Kenya and select the items that you seek to purchase at the www.jumia.co.ke  then register and select the suitable payment option that include: Payment of Cash on delivery, Mobile money in Kenya, or credit card payment in Kenya. Then wait for delivery of goods shopped online in Kenya within 2-3 days.

OLX website in Kenya 

OLX website in Kenya is a platform where buyers meet sellers and has been made popular by the many adverts on both print and electronic media in Kenya. For those selling at OLX website in Kenya, the process is quite simple. The process of selling at OLX website in Kenya, you First take a photo of the item to be sold, then visit www.olx.co.ke  and write a brief description of your item on sale and price it, then post it up for free and wait to be contacted by your buyer from Kenya.

For those shopping online on olx website in Kenya, one simply needs to and search the goods you are looking for or browse through the different categories of items such as fashion and beauty, mobile phones, real estate, animals and pets among others provided on OLX website. Register or sign in to OLX website in Kenya, and select the item you wish to purchase, whereby you will find the contact details of the seller provided on the olx website.

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