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Location Of The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre In Nairobi Kenya And The Services Offered

location of the karen crossroads shopping centre in nairobi kenya and the services offered


The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi is located just 20 kilometres from Nairobi city centre. The Karen Crossroads Shopping malll in Nairobi is located at the Karen Shopping Centre which is in Karen in Nairobi and is made up of two adjoining shopping centres in Nairobi that are detached by a road. One part of the shopping mall in Karen part of Nairobi is called Crossroads shopping centre in Nairobi which is a more a modern shopping centre in Kenya that has a large grocery store, restaurants and eateries, fashion stores, Nakumatt supermarket in Kenya, shoe stores as well as salon among other services availed in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi. There are also a number of cafes at the Crossroads shopping mall in Karen that serve beverages such as tea and coffee, pastries, burgers, and Exotic food. The other side of Karen Shopping Centre in Nairobi is the Karen older shopping centre in Nairobi, and has several grocery stores and restaurants. The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi is also a stone throw away from the new Karen Square Complex in Nairobi.

Using public means to get to The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi, one can get there by either coming with number 24 buses in Nairobi which are found near Kencom bus stage in Nairobi and also across the road at ambassador bus terminus in Nairobi, or take a matatu number 125/126 in Nairobi from the Nairobi railways terminus and alight at the Bomas of Kenya Stage in Nairobi and take one of the several number 24 matatus at the Bomas of Kenya stage and ask to be dropped at the Karen Shopping Centre in Karen. Another alternative would be to use a 111 bus or matatu in Nairobi going to Ngong and alight at the shell station found at the junction of Ngong road and Karen and walk to the Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi or take a boda boda if you are not in the mood of walking.

The Karen Crossroads shopping Complex in Nairobi offers free parking for its customers and houses one of the largest retail stores in East Africa, which is Nakumatt supermarket-this offers a variety of products mostly household goods and grocery.

You can also meet your pharmaceutical needs at the fully stocked pharmacy known as Mimosa pharmacy in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi which opened in late 2005 with the purpose of fulfilling the pharmaceutical needs of the inhabitants of Karen. Mimosa Pharmacuticals in Kenya is located on the ground floor at the entrance of Karen Crossroads Shopping mall in Karen and operates on Monday to Saturday from 08.30am to 08.00pm and on Sunday and public holidays10.00am to 08.00pm. There are also several restaurants in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi such as Open House Restaurant in Nairobi which serves delicious Indian food at reasonable prices,. There are also several coffee shops in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi that would be ideal for a business meetings in Kenya or a quick dates. Bank Atms found in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi such as the Kenya Commercial Bank which has a bank together with the Imperial Bank, fashion stores in Nairobi among several others that can meet your needs and help you stay in touch with the latest trends that compliment you. There is also a bakery in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi where one can get freshly baked products. There is also a Bata shop in The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi to meet all your footwear needs with shoes for the whole family.

Next time you are near those sides and you are wondering where you can do some quick shopping in Nairobi or grab a quick meal, You can stop by The Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre in Nairobi or if you are a curious explorer this can be one place to visit, you never know it might be your new joint.

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