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Kenyan Mobile Applications Use: Get Tour Guidance, Doctors, Farming Information And Constitution In Kenya Via Mobile Apps

kenyan mobile applications use get tour guidance doctors farming information and constitution in kenya via mobile apps


A mobile application commonly referred to as mobile app in Kenya, is an application software designed to run on mobile devices in Kenya such as smartphones, computers, tablets and other mobile devices. Mobile applications in Kenya can usually be obtained by the user of a mobile device in Kenya through various application distribution platforms available such as Google play for android, Samsung app store online in Kenya, the Apple App Store online, Windows Phone Store, Nokia store and BlackBerry App World online in Kenya. Some mobile apps in Kenya are free, while other mobile apps must be bought for one to benefit from their services on the mobile devices in Kenya.

From the time after the first handheld computers in the globe of the 1980s, the popularity of computers platforms has risen significantly around the globe and Kenya has not been left behind, especially now with the Kenya digital era in which Kenyans are embracing ICT and technology. One can find various mobile apps that are made by Kenyans for Kenyans or just for everyone around the globe. This article seeks to look at some of those mobile apps in Kenya available online that can be found in different software development platforms.

Magical Kenya mobile application in Kenya

Magical Kenya mobile app in Kenya is available on Google play store and claims to help one discover the beauty and exhilaration of Kenya. Magical Kenya mobile app in Kenya also has a richly detailed Kenya travel guide for the user and can help you explore Kenya whether you are preparing for your touring trip in Kenya by helping you get ideas on where to go in Kenya- major tourist attraction sites in various parts of Kenya and what to see in the sites in Kenya. The Magical Kenya mobile app also allows you to then save the details obtained through the Kenya tour guide available online into your interactive trip planner. Magical Kenya mobile application in Kenya is for those already in Kenya or those simply curious and want to learn more about Kenya. Magical Kenya mobile application in Kenya also has a feature that makes your EXPLORING experience better and interactive by Using the location features present on your phone to connect you with Kenya local businesses, hotels in Kenya and restaurants to book in advance.

Agrimanagr mobile application in Kenya

Agrimanagr mobile app in Kenya is an application that is one of the fastest ways and the easiest to automate your whole agri-business in Kenya and lessen business costs. The Agrimanagr mobile application in Kenya enables you to quickly access real time supply chain data in Kenya via a mobile device use and thus make significant business choices in Agri business in Kenya. Agrimanagr mobile app in Kenya enables the user to manage any information and all activities that occur in the supply chain in Kenya at their convenience.

Agrimanagr mobile application in Kenya removes manual posting of business transactions in Kenya and automatically consolidates data recorded into one central database and agribusiness farmers in Kenya can also use it to access their records of agribusiness deliveries in Kenya made over time and above all save time. The Agrimanagr mobile app in Kenya can be accessed from http://www.virtualcity.co.ke/portfolio/agrimanagr-solution/ 

MedAfrica mobile application for Kenyans

MedAfrica mobile application can be used by Kenyans and it is an mobile app that falls in the health category and is available on Google play. MedAfrica mobile app for Kenyans offers health-related material in Kenya and Africa such as a first-aid guide, symptom checkers, doctor directories and hospital directories in Kenya and in other Africa countries. MedAfrica app can be used by Kenyans and it features about 7,200 doctors in Kenya and 1,013 doctors in Uganda complete with their contacts. MedAfrica mobile application in Kenya also maps about 8,076 health facilities in Kenya and Uganda.

Kenyan Constitution mobile app in Kenya

The Kenyan Constitution mobile app in Kenya is an offline reference of the constitution of Kenya with stunning alignment of content and well-built interface that mimics smooth and easy navigation. Kenyan Constitution mobile app in Kenya features search, for all the Constitution of Kenya articles enabling Kenyans to access fast content retrieval in the Constitution of Kenya and at ones convenience. Kenyan Constitution mobile app in Kenya touches on every detail that is documented in Kenya on 2010 Kenyan constitution to the latter, and in a very smart and elegant way.

Those are but some of the Kenyan mobile apps in the market which Kenyans can use to boost their lives. What are your favorite Kenyan mobile apps? Feel free to share in the comments.

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