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How To Register An M-Pesa Account In Kenya

how to register an m pesa account in kenya


This is a Mobile Banking service that has won accolades all over the world; it has won multiple awards since it was launched. M-pesa is a service offered by safaricom. It was the first mobile banking service to be offered to Kenyans. It is actually the popular means of mobile banking.

If your Simcard is Mpesa registered,someone can send you cash through your phone,you can withdraw from any mpesa agent countrywide or from an ATM. Also if you have money on your Mpesa account you can use to pay bills thus giving a better alternative to carrying cash. You can also send and receive cash from any corner of East Africa.  Mpesa is a service that has connected many people in the nation and even outside the country. This service was produced having given a lot of thought to the needs of the society. the people have accepted it fully and they actually opt to use it while in business, while sending their families or others cash, when paying rent, when paying school fees among many others. this means that Mpesa is a way of living since it occupys their every day life.


Also if your simcard is Mpesa registered,you are able to enjoy various M-Banking services.You can withdraw cash from your bank account to your mpesa account,also you can deposit cash directly to your Bank Account from your Mpesa account. Registering your Safaricom simcard is easy,you visit any Safaricom Customer Care Centre or any Mpesa agent countrywide.You must carry your National Identification Card or Passport or Alien ID or Driving License.

 You are given a form to fill and in no time you are registered and ready to go.

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