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How to do Online purchasing of men’s fashion brand in Kenya from suitsupply.

how to do online purchasing of men s fashion brand in kenya from suitsupply


It is like a routine in Kenya that once a new fashion of cloth enters the market, many Kenyans rush to buy it. Many people buy best clothes during the eve of Christmas and in large quantities. For such matters, there is a new website that was launched in Kenya and suits men who want to be on fashion market. Suitsupply is an online company from European countries that specializes in selling all sort of men’s clothes through online. This company was formed by a person called Fokke de Jong who is the current chief executive officer of the company in the year 2000.Suitsupply opened its online shopping to Kenyans in September 2013 and they were targeting men from Kenya because there is high growth demand together with interest from men in Kenya. This company is also available to other cities across the world such as Shanghai city in China, Hamburg City in Germany and inUnited States of America (in Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York City’s Madison Avenue).

Suitsupply online shop is done through their website www.suitsupply.com where the buyer can order for the kind of clothes they want. The advantage of this company is that order products will be ready in 4 days after ordering has been done. They also do the transportation of the products for free to any place in Kenya.

The collections supplied by Suitsupply Company include high quality suits, jackets, shirts, best ties, high quality coats, bags, knitwear and modern shoes which are of high quality. Generally, the products supplied by the suitsupply company are of high quality and they have been recognised due to their high quality products.

The form of payment that is accepted by the suitsupply company in Kenya includes debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. PayPal payments can be done through Equity banks in Kenya because it is the only bank in Kenya that has authorised the use of PayPal. These forms of payment are applied when doing the ordering of the products online from suitsupply.

If any man in Kenya wants to enjoy wearing high quality brand, he can visit the website of suitsupply and do the ordering after which it will only take four days before he gets the products. For more information, you can visit their website at www.suitssupply.com

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