Stages of Enacting Bill into a Law in Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - November 24, 2022

When a bill is passed in parliament, it passes through some major stages before being considered by the legal authorities to be counted as a law in Kenya. The following stages present the exact pathways that a bill passes through before being counted as a law.

Initiation of a Proposal

Several parties can be involved in the initial process. The major parties that initiate a bill into being a law source include among others, the government, ministry and group facing pressure. The groups will come up with several ideas forwarded to the next step.

Publication of the legislative proposal

The process includes drafting of the proposal given by the ones that suggested it.

Cabinet approval. The Kenyan cabinet will have to go through the bill before approving for it to move to the next major step. It is of great importance that the cabinet goes through all proposed bills.


The attorney general will have to publish the respective law and ensure that it is seen by nearly all parties that need it.

Gazzetting the published document in the official Kenyan newspaper will be the next major step for one to follow in order to read and find out more information about the article.

First reading takes place after several consultations are made with the speaker of the national assembly. The speaker can offer advice on what can be done about the bill.

The second reading of the proposed bill will have to follow during which debating starts after the speaker leaves. The formation of two groups will then follow that are the whole house and select committee.

The reporting stage follows as the next step eventually making the whole process to be reaching the final stages.

Third reading will then take place that includes the occurrence of minor debates and simple majority through the ordinary bills. The presidential approval will follow after which the attorney general will have to publish the document in official gazette.



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