opposition leadership in kenya

opposition leadership in kenya



Many people refer to politics as dirt game’. This was a saying heard from many people who discuss about politics both at national level and also at the global level. This argument has been said to be supported by the hate words which are heard during political rallies. It is with no doubt that this words are from opposition parties. It has been the song of each day since when elections were firstly done in Kenya and also when multi part leadership was included to the Kenyan constitution.

It is true that opposition has helped in controlling the working of the Kenyan government. This has been achieved through the critique monitoring of operations of the government and showing the points where need be. This controls a smooth running of the government.

Many opposition leaders have risen and fallen. The first known opposition leader in Kenya was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. He was the first Kenyan vice-president when Kenyatta go into power and after which he formed a small opposition party known as the Kenya People’s Union (KPU) in the year 1966.the party got burned in 1969 after the arrest of their leader. From there the country became a single party state until 1992 when the multi party the parliament restored multi partism. During this period, opposition was weak due to division of the small parties.

Opposition grew to a greater level from 2002 when the former president Mwai Kibaki was in power. During the campaigns for elections in 2007, many opposition leaders rose and that is where Raila Odinga got his power for opposition. He was nominated as the prime minister of the republic of Kenya where he gained more popularity. This made him to vie for presidency in the next general election which was held on 2013. Unfortunately, his competitor coalition party (Jubilee) won and from there is opposition power developed to another angel. It was in 2014 when he held an opposition rally that was greatly attended by large numbers of people which made him to be ranked as the most powerful political leader on Kenya and 16 worldwide. He is also the current political leader of the time.


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Born in the culinary-rich city of Kisumu, along the shores of Lake Victoria, Cynthia Kendeli's passion for Food & Beverage was almost predestined. Her earliest memories revolve around the bustling fish markets and aromatic eateries of her hometown, and it was this backdrop that kindled her love for food and its cultural significance.

However, Cynthia's interests were dual-pronged. The political landscape of Kenya, with its dynamic shifts and intricate tapestry, also captivated her. This blend of culinary love and political intrigue paved her path to one of Kenya's leading universities, where she pursued degrees in both Food Science and Political Science.

Throughout her academic journey, Cynthia stood out for her unique ability to interweave two seemingly disparate subjects. She penned articles that delved into the socio-political impacts on Kenya's food and beverage industry, exploring topics ranging from local farm policies to international trade agreements.

After graduation, Cynthia quickly established herself in the world of journalism. Her writings, which appeared in national newspapers and magazines, bridged the gap between culinary enthusiasts and political aficionados. With every article, she managed to underscore the intricate relationship between politics and what ends up on the plates of Kenyans.

Her investigative pieces, particularly those that highlighted the interplay between governmental policies and the food & beverage sector, have earned her accolades both nationally and internationally. Cynthia's work does not just inform; it prompts discussions, incites debates, and often leads to tangible change in policy-making circles.

In addition to her journalistic endeavors, Cynthia Kendeli actively participates in food festivals, political debates, and educational seminars, serving as a bridge between the culinary world and the political arena.

Today, as a celebrated voice in both Food & Beverage and political journalism, Cynthia Kendeli continues to satiate the appetites of readers keen on understanding the confluence of culture, cuisine, and politics in Kenya.

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