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List Of Political Parties In Kenya

list of political parties in kenya


1992 marks the birth of Kenyan political parties after a long bloody campaign that succeeded a ten year single party rule. The campaign led by young energetic politicians and activists who had been dissatisfied with the single party KANU regime under Moi came up and voiced their cries. Like history states the tree of liberty is watered by blood, blood indeed had to be shed with some of this politicians being forced to endure torture, unlawful detention and street confrontations so that liberation can be delivered, some of this activists included the likes of Charles Rubia, Rail Odinga, Martin Shikuku, TIMOTHY Njoya and many others. After the KANU government bowed in to pressure the mother of political parties in Kenya forum for the restoration of democracy FORD was founded and lawfully registered by the likes of Martin Shikuku, Njenga Karume, Jaramogi and many others before later on wrangles and thirst for power would then lid to the breaking of FORD to form FORD Asili, FORD Kenya, FORD People who are now the fathers of the following political parties now governing our country:

  • Agano Party (AP)

  • Alliance for Real Change

  • Alliance Party of Kenya (APK)

  • Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM)

  • Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU)

  • Conservative Party (CP)

  • Democratic Party of Kenya (DP)

  • Farmers Party (FP)

  • Federal Party of Kenya (MDM)

  • Ford-People (FORD-P)

  • Forum For Restoration of Democracy-Kenya (FORD-KENYA)

  • Grand National Union (GNU)

  • Kenya African Democratic Union-Asili (KADU-ASIL)

  • Kenya African National Union (KANU)

  • Kenya National Congress (KNC)

  • Kenya Social Congress (KSC)

  • Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)

  • Mazingira Greens Party of Kenya (MGPK)

  • Mkenya Solidarity Movement (MSM)

  • Muungano Development Movement Party of Kenya (MP)

  • Mwangaza Party (MP)

  • Mzalendo Saba Saba Party (MSS)

  • NARC-Kenya (NARC-K)

  • National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK)

  • National Democratic Movement (NDM)

  • National Lab our Party (NLP)

  • National Party of Kenya (FPK)

  • National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)

  • The National Vision Party (NVP)

  • New Democrats (ND)

  • New Ford Kenya (NFK)

  • Nuru Party

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

  • Party of Action (POA)

  • Party of Democratic Unity (PDU)

  • Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK)

  • Party of National Unity (PNU)

  • Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

  • Peoples Party of Kenya (PPK)

  • Platinum Centralizer and Unionist Party of Kenya (PlaCenta Party of Kenya)

  • Progressive Party of Kenya (PPK)

  • Restore and Build Kenya (RBK)

  • Saba Saba Asili (77)

  • Safina Party (SAFINA)

  • Shirikisho Party of Kenya (SPK)

  • Sisi Kwa Sisi Party (SSP)

  • Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP)

  • The Independent Party (TIP) * The Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)

  • The National Alliance (TNA)

  • United Democratic Forum Party (UDFP)

  • United Democratic Movement (UDM)

  • United Republican Party (URP)

  • Unity Party of Kenya (UPK)

  • Wiper Democratic Movement- Kenya (WDM-K)

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However, Cynthia's interests were dual-pronged. The political landscape of Kenya, with its dynamic shifts and intricate tapestry, also captivated her. This blend of culinary love and political intrigue paved her path to one of Kenya's leading universities, where she pursued degrees in both Food Science and Political Science.

Throughout her academic journey, Cynthia stood out for her unique ability to interweave two seemingly disparate subjects. She penned articles that delved into the socio-political impacts on Kenya's food and beverage industry, exploring topics ranging from local farm policies to international trade agreements.

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Her investigative pieces, particularly those that highlighted the interplay between governmental policies and the food & beverage sector, have earned her accolades both nationally and internationally. Cynthia's work does not just inform; it prompts discussions, incites debates, and often leads to tangible change in policy-making circles.

In addition to her journalistic endeavors, Cynthia Kendeli actively participates in food festivals, political debates, and educational seminars, serving as a bridge between the culinary world and the political arena.

Today, as a celebrated voice in both Food & Beverage and political journalism, Cynthia Kendeli continues to satiate the appetites of readers keen on understanding the confluence of culture, cuisine, and politics in Kenya.

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