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kenya most influential politicians

kenya most influential politicians


Kenyan politics has been observed to be successful if only a person can convince huge masses of people that he is actually the right type of candidate for a particular seat offered by the electoral commission. The following groups of politicians are considered to be currently the most influential politicians in the republic of Kenya.


Son of the late mzee JomoKenyatta,Uhuru is believed to have been natured and acquired the politic skills from his father. Having studied abroad, the politician tried much in the 2002 general elections in which he lost to the former president Mwai Kibaki. However, he did not despair with politics. He continually persisted and ended up being the fourth president of Kenya.


The vice president of Kenya,Ruto is known for being very hardworking and very influential mass mover that does not entertain jokes. Being one of Kenya’s top politicians, Ruto is believed to have come into fame during the period in which Moi was the president of Kenya.Ruto was against the constitution and received much support from church leaders but later lost the election. He played a great role in securing votes for the jubilee coalition government.


Nicknamed as ‘Baba’ the politician is the son of the late Oginga Odinga.Raila has been in the field of politics for a long duration of time since he tried to take part in the 1982coup.In huge efforts to fight for the presidential seat, Raila has lost but continues to get much support and it is indeed true that he is a mass mover. He was the former prime minister of the republic of Kenya.


The politician is currently the senator of the city of Nairobi. Sonko is known for being charitable and generous by the way he uses his money and lends it to be used in helping the poor groups of society. Sonko has since played a very great role in politics being used by top politicians to gather and influence crowds to follow a certain way or support a particular idea. The politician owns several vehicles in town flooded with huge number of real estate business. Sonko is indeed lovable by many people.


The politician was the former government spokesman of the Kenyan republic under the leadership of president Kibaki. He went ahead to win the elections as the governor of machakos county and has brought numerous changes to the town. He has built the Machakos stadium; brought a lot of medical ambulances and many developments are still taking place in the town. The politician is aspiring to run for the presidential seat in the coming years.

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