Fighting Terrorism In Kenya

fighting terrorism in kenya


Terrorism is referred to as the use of force or violence for political purpose. It has become frequent in Kenya due to the presence of Kenya Defense forces in Somali. The terrorists have staged attacks on various parts of the country with the intention of killing. They have constantly taken responsibilities on a number of occasions. The most daring was the Westgate attack which gunmen entered and started firing at innocent civilians leading to many deaths.

Due to these attacks it is important to put out measures to ensure that terrorism is dealt with. The first measure involves employing more police officers who will increase surveillance in major towns. It is not however effective enough to increase police numbers without equipping them with the necessary tools. They should be given proper communication gadgets and trained properly. The police are a major way of solving most crimes and therefore they should also be paid well to avoid being used by the terrorist.

The government should also allocate more funds to the ministry of security so that all needs are met. This will make it possible for the ministry to undertake its activities without difficulties. Security should not only be concentrated on police but also the public. The public are a major factor as they are the once who provide intelligence to the authorities. It is for this particular reason that a good relationship should be maintained between the two. A good relationship enables the authorities to get information thus responding on time.

CCTV is an important step towards curbing terrorism. It is wise to place these cameras on strategic areas to capture the movements of terrorists. The cameras will keep track of people with bad intentions enabling the authorities capture them. Most of the terrorism acts have been committed by individuals from other countries. It is therefore advisable to make that all Kenyans who are 18 years and above have identification cards which have been acquired legally. This will ensure that aliens who have evil intentions are captured and deported back to their country.

People should avoid being in places that are crowed because these places are prone to attack. In case one cannot avoid such a place then security should be ensured. The government should also provide gadgets that will help in screening people. These gadgets will assist to detect explosives.



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