Al-Shabaab believe

by Cynthia Kendeli  - December 2, 2022

Al-Shabaab believe


be7d7598f1​Many were left with question ‘what the attackers’ had in their mind’, does claiming innocent lives really take people to a better place after death. Believing that God of this planet and the entire world is one He only sent different prophets to teach Good and have followers hence the different religions with the difference been the same for they all teach good and not bad.

What al-shabaab does is bad with their believe in Jihad they are just but a confused group misunderstanding their religion teaching. They believe by doing bad they are fighting for their religion of which in the entire world there is freedom of worship. ‘worship anything as long as you don’t harm anyone. No one has ever been known to deny anyone this freedom.


The world and the society is simply against al-shaabab because their actions are bad and has harmed their land Somalia by not keeping peace for their people making them aliens in different countries and this is why Kenya has sent their army as a sacrifice to keep peace and bring back peace and life in that land.

The confused group believes by claiming innocent lives will take them to unknown place. With their flesh left on planet they believe to find virgins and get serviced. Leaving virgins on the real virgins on the planet and believing to do harm to people just for that stupidity believe is frustrating foolishness.

We believe after death all the earthly feeling will be left here on the planet for their purpose is just earthly and we will be redesigned to gain higher level of holiness which bring out only holiness and purity in order to celebrate this for eternity and only the humans who will have won on the planet by pre attainment of the kingdom by living holy and doing good.


Investors lost millions of shillings in revenues and destroyed property following the al-shabaab attack. Nakumatt holdings the countries largest supermarket chain with an annual turnover of over Sh. 56.8 billion was the most affected with its westgate and Ukay branches yet to open. The business really suffered a huge blow in the attack.

The attackers caused a big loss in this nation; the many employees that lost their lives and what is destroyed to the general closure of the mall and other shopping outlets.

Godane was happy with the mujahedeen who carried the attack. He threatened more bloodshed if Kenya will not withdraw the Kenyan army who are in Somali land.

The war must continue even if it will take a billion years any group that is aimed to do harm to humanity cannot be just ignored.

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