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Another Rachel Shebesh Shocker:Nude exposure

111 another rachel shebesh shocker nude


Another Rachel Shebesh Shocker:Nude exposure


From the Kidero slap to an apparent injured arm courtesy of Mike Sonko, now emerges a new scandal that the Nairobi women’s representative is now associated with. Nude photos of Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko have surfaced on the internet and are spreading at an alarming rate.

Her name is becoming exceedingly famous for all the wrong reasons. Whether the photos are real or not it is certain her reputation as a respectable member of parliament has been torn to shreds. Most Kenyans are eagerly waiting to hear if the Hon.Shebesh and her family will make any statements pertaining to the whole saga.

How will she hush this? The possible validity of the photos is fuelled by the fact that Hon.Sonko and Hon.Shebesh were spotted in a hotel a week ago and the night resulted in a fight.  The two checked in at the Crowne plaza in upper hill district roughly past 10pm. The two apparently fought afterwards and Shebesh allegedly reported him to the Coalition of Women against Violence. After Mike Sonko denying any romantic link between the two, the photos leave very little to the imagination.

Many are assuming that it’s a lover scorned story that we are all too familiar with. Who took the photos? Are they authentic? Why were they leaked? It seems the stars are all aligned to be against Shebesh. But the puzzling aspect is that most of the heat is geared towards Shebesh and not soo much on Sonko. Is it because he is a man and this is considered “normal” alpha male behavior?

Nairobi women feel let down and embarrassed on behalf of Shebesh.  As an outspoken and opinionated woman the number of scandals that have been surrounding her over the past month are sure to destroy her political career. Unless she has a comeback tactic setup this is a sticky situation for Hon.Rachel Shebesh. To have a great stance in politics especially in Kenya, respect from the opposite sex is vital. We are all eager to see the amount of PR it will take to make this an issue of the past.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Politics/111-Another-Rachel-Shebesh-Shocker-Nude-exposure.html



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