Pipe Manufacturers Limited In Nairobi

by Jean Wandimi  - May 4, 2023

Pipe Manufacturers Limited is an industry in Nairobi that is located on North Airport Road. Pipe Manufacturers Limited manufacture automotive tools and industrial tools in Kenya. Pipe Manufacturers Limited can be contacted on their email address at [email protected] and online on their website www.pipeman.com.

Pipe Manufacturers Company hot line is +254739393939. The telephone contacts of Pipe Manufacturers in Kenya are  +254 20 6825420, 6825419, 6823422, 2060201, 2060202, 2060203, 2060204 and 2060205.

Pipe Manufacturers in Nairobi postal address is P. O. Box 18628 – 00500, Nairobi. The Pipe Manufacturers can also be reached via Fax on +254 20 6823156 and 6825419.

Online stores provided by Pipe Manufacturers in Kenya are also found at http://pipestore.pipeman.com/sc/.

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