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Major Sources Of Conflict At The Workplace In Kenya

major sources of conflict at the workplace in kenya


Conflict is a state of serious disagreement or argument. There are various sources of conflict in the workplace in Kenya which have been discovered and discussed worldwide.

Poor communication

This is one of the major sources of conflict in Kenyan workplaces whereby a supervisor or employer tends to give out unclear instructions in the workplace to their subordinates who in return do not understand what is expected of them hence, this may lead to conflict.


Is one of the major courses of harassment in the workplace and might take the form of sexual harassment or the hazing of a new employee. This will tend to lead to conflict especially if the company or organization does not have strict harassment policies to govern it, hence conflict is inevitable and prone to happen.

Interpersonal relationships

This is the relationship between the co-workers in the office. If for instance the employees in an organization do not relate well to each other, then there is a high likelihood of conflict arising in the workplace. This may be caused or catalyzed by office rumors and gossip.

Intrapersonal conflict

This is conflict within a person. This is where a person/employee has his/her own problems for example, an employee suffering from stress. This might lead to conflict as he/she is easily irritable hence prone to start a conflict with their co-workers.

Different interests

This is also another cause of conflict in Kenya, as one might tend to aim for their personal goals in an organization rather than focus on the company’s goals and objectives. Hence may lead to conflict in the workplace.

Poor performance

This is where one tends to have sub-par performance in an organization or department, hence, will lead to conflict in the workplace as the other co-workers will feel that they are being dragged down thus cause conflict to arise. Also, a supervisor who tends to ignore this will lead to conflict also.

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