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Location Of FIDA Offices In Kenya And The Services FIDA Offer To Kenyan Women

location of fida offices in kenya and the services fida offer to kenyan women


Discrimination against women in Kenya has for many years been widespread and widely accepted. Every day we hear of rising cases of injustices based on gender, class, physical disability, sex and religious beliefs in Kenya. Sometimes it goes to extreme cases of sexual harassment against women in Kenya and other times unfortunately domestic violence, where women are beaten senseless by their husbands as a way of them showing their superiority, in which at times the consequences are fatal.

The Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya was established in Kenya with the mission of completely eliminating all sorts of prejudice against women. Viewed as the weaker vessel physically, many women in Kenya have resigned themselves to the life of unending physical and psychological torture. Women in most Kenyan cultures have an inferior position in which they are not to speak as their opinion does not matter. This in effect has made men in Kenya subject them to gruesome uncomfortable situations ranging from sleeping outside, on the cold floor to being overworked all day long without food. This at most times is accompanied by abusive speech and battery in Kenya, the disappointing factor is that the woman is expected to keep silent.

Location of FIDA in Nairobi and the services FIDA offer in Kenya

FIDA offices in Nairobi are located in Amboseli Road off Gitanga Road in Lavington part of Kenya. FIDA offices in Kenya offer women legal support as part of their services to Kenyans. FIDA services in Kenya are available to women who have gathered adequate courage to say enough of oppression and are willing to fight the stigmatization of finding a permanent solution that includes separating themselves completely from the abusive partner in Kenya. The legal aid given by FIDA to womens in Kenya is not afraid of diving into controversial areas to ensure a better brighter future for women in Kenya. FIDA in Kenya also provides counseling and rehabilitation especially to rape victims and to victims of domestic violence. FIDA also ensures that children from these broken families get psychological counseling and financial support in Kenya.

Location of other FIDA branches in Kenya

FIDA services and assistance in Kenya is not only limited to the women in Nairobi part oof Kenya. The FIDA organization in Kenya has expanded and opened other FIDA branches in various parts of Kenya. FIDA organization in Kenya has offices in other locations in Kenya in Kizingo East Road off Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa and at Milimani Estate off Tom Mboya Drive in Kisumu.

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