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How to apply for passport in Kenya: Kenyan immigration services

how to apply for passport in kenya kenyan immigration services


The office of registration of immigration and citizenship Kenya is located in Nyayo house in Nairobi central business. The requirements of applying for a passport in Kenya will vary with the need of the applicant, ranging from new passport, replacing passport, diplomatic passport and temporary permit.One to apply for a new Kenyan passport should be a Kenyan citizen, fill the application form provided by the registration officers, and provide a Kenyan birth certificate, Kenyan National Identification  card and three colored passports.Replacing an expired Kenyan passport will require a duly completed passport application form and the expired passport being replaced. In case of mutilation and loss an affidavit is required, a Kenya police abstract and a letter explaining the circumstances of loss are also required in case of loss.

Diplomatic passport will require letter showing that the person meets the requirements for citizenship and immigration rules and regulations, original and photocopies of old passport or birth certificate. A recommender should sign the form and provide their certified copy of identity card and three colored passport photographs.Temporary permit requirements will include a copy of Kenyan National Identity card and two colored passport size photographs.Under age applicants should provide parents or guardians consent letter and a copy of national identity card.

Applicants should consult immigration officers for enquiries and avoid seeking advice from third parties. Consulting other persons may lead to conning or getting the wrong information. The process of passport application is fast and efficient. Many applicants have been satisfied with the process of passport application in Kenya and rare complains are reported in this department. Provision of what is required for the passport application will smoothen and simplify the process.Immigration officers in Kenya are friendly and  always ready to serve and answer any queries raised by the applicant. The Kenyan law has allowed duo citizenship where one can own citizenship from another country and still be Kenyan citizen. This law is friendly to investors who are ready to operate their business in Kenya and also employees who are ready to work and settle in Kenya.

Working hours for Nairobi Nyayo house is from 7am to 5pm.After receiving your passport, it is advised you sign where necessary and note the passport number or make a copy of the first page and the last page. In case of loss it will be easy to find it using the passport number. When replacing a lost passport in Kenya, a copy of the original passport will be required.

Keep your passport in a save place where it cannot be mutilated or soaked in water, good care of your passport will avoid inconveniences in your travel and wastage of time and money while replacing. Nyayo house also offers services of filling forms of entry and departure, this is for those who are leaving the country and those visiting or coming back.Kenyan law requires every person to have an identification document and it is illegal for any individual to live in the country without the legal identification documents.

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