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How And Where To Apply For A Passport In Kenya

how and where to apply for a passport in kenya


Our current constitution gives Kenyans rights, or privilege to have dual citizenship. For one to get dual citizenship, you need a passport in Kenya. But still Kenyans need passports while travelling in and out of Kenya whether on business tours or any other business. Many Kenyans go for passports when they get deals outside the country. Okay, am cool with that but to be on the safe side you can always apply and have your passport even before any plans to fly or travel out come up. This will get you out of risk of delay of passport in Kenya, which usually occurs to many people, and sometimes you may get a quick and unexpected invitation within short time duration. Applying for passports in Kenya is easy when you know the procedure and the conditions required in the application process.

Application of passports in Kenya is as simple as many may not expect, but we all know the problem is how to apply and where to make those applications. You have first to go to the Immigration department in Kenya, to get a passport. It depends on where you are in Kenya. For Kenyans in Nairobi, to get a passport, you can go to the immigration department offices at Nyayo house. For Kenyans in Mombasa, you can visit the provincial headquarters. For Kenyans in any other place in Kenya, they should visit the county headquarters and be directed accordingly. At the immigrations department in Kenya, you will be given an application form 19 which you must duly fill to get a passport.

After filling the form, you are required to have the following 1. Your original identity card plus a copy 2.Three coloured passport, with one clearly bearing your true likeness 3.Sometimes you might be required to produce your birth certificate or adoption certificate 4.A recommenders certified document attesting you are a Kenyan

After meeting all these requirements of getting a passport in Kenya, you are required to pay the application fees. The fee like any other thing in Kenya is bound to change from time to time, but normally a 64 page Kenyan passport will cost you Ksh8000 and an East African Travel Document can be found for Ksh 1000. If you do not require the 64 page passport, you can apply a passport in Kenya at a charge of Ksh 4500.

After you get the document, passport in Kenya, you should take care of the passport by avoiding nullification of the Kenyan passport. Kenyans should simply stay away from irregularities and any malicious activities which may lead you to get bans from other countries.

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