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Government Ministries And The Respective Leaders In Kenya

government ministries and the respective leaders in kenya


Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Mutea Iringo (Interior)

  • Principal Secretary: Ms. Josephta Mukobe (Coordination)

Ministry of Defense

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Amb. Raychelle Awour Omamo

  • Principal Secretary: Amb. Monica Kathina Juma

The National Treasury

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Henry Rotich

  • Principal Secretary: Dr. Kamau Thugge

Ministry of Education

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Professor Jacob Kaimenyi

  • Principal Secretary: Dr. Belio Kipsang (Education)

  • Principal Secretary: Prof. Colleta Akinyi Suda (Science and Technology)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Amb. Amina Mohammed

  • Principal Secretary: Eng. Karanja Kibicho

Ministry of Devolution and Planning

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Anne Waiguru

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. John Konchella (Devolution)

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Peter Oganga Magiti (Planning)

Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Charity Ngilu

  • Principal Secretary: Ms. Mariamu El Maawy

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Eng. Michael S. Kamau

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Nduva Muli (Transport)

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. John Kipngetich (Infrastructure)

Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Dr. Fred Matiang’i Okengo

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Joseph Musuni Tiampaty

Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and East Africa Region

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Phyllis Kandie

  • Principal Secretary: Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed (Commerce and Tourism)

  • Principal Secretary: Ms. Mwanamaka Amani Mabruki (East African Community)

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Davis Chirchir

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Joseph Njoroge

Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Kazungu Kambi

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Ali Noor Ismail

Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Dr. Hassan Wario Arero

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Patrick Omutia

Ministry of Health

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. James Wainaina

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Fred Sigor

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Felix Koskei

  • Principal Secretary: Ms. Sicily Kanini Kariuki (Agriculture)

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Micheni Ntiba (Fisheries)

  • Principal Secretray: Dr. Khadijah Kassachon (Livestock)

Ministry of Mining

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Najib Balala

  • Principal Secretary: Amb. Richard Ekai Titus

Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resource

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Prof. Judy W. Wakhungu

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. Richard Lesiyampe (Environment)

  • Principal Secretary: Mr. James Teko Lopoyetum (Water)              

Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development

  • Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Adan Abdulla, Mohamed

  • Principal Secretary: Dr. Wilson Songa



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