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Vehicle and Trailer Manufacturers in Kenya

vehicle and trailer manufacturers in kenya


Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers is a leading company in manufacturing heavy man trucks and tri axle trailers which are used foe ferrying large cargo. The trailers are manufactured in different forms for example Flatbed trailers and tri axle cargo trailers, the trailers are customized according to the need and the intended usage. The company also makes a container and flatbed fixing done in order to ferry liquids or gases. Body production is either done covered fully or with spaces, an additional canvas cover is used to cover the trailer in order to cover and prevent goods being ferried from wind, water and dust. Outdoor trailers for promotional activities are also manufactured by Vehicle and trailer Manufacturers Company. The process will take a short time after your order, this is because of the highly qualified and dedicated staff and the company puts the needs of the clients before anything else. The vehicles manufactured are fit in carrying luggage within terrains and any kind of vehicle needed for outside activities like camping and customized motor bike trailers.

Trailers can be open or closed, the open ones carry luggage which is not compact, apart from carrying goods, the camping trailers are manufactured in such a way that they can be used as storage facility and cooking areas. The trailer works very perfectly satisfying the needs of camping. We make bus bodies for Institution buses, Luxury buses and Semi luxury buses. We are the leading company and preferred by many clients locally. We build large buses, medium and large buses we build them according to the needs of the client and conforming to the rules of KBS. The company has several buses ready for the market. We install entertainment systems like the radios, CD, DVD and TV, The Company also installs reading lights, extensive sign writing which are more than a third of the vehicle, we put mud guards, air conditions and book net holders installed on the rear of the seats. The company has trained experts in making curtains, extra body reinforcement to withstand rough terrain roads, bumper guards, lamp guards, interior roof lights which are florescent, air horns which come with pipe kit, seats which are exported and cushioned and window tinting.

The production methods used for bodies are done in such a way that it can be built before the actual bus by laying it in a flow line and this allows the bodies to be built in advance. The final bodies are always amazing because they are well engineered to ensure safety of the passengers. We can deliver large orders within a short period; we always ensure that the customer is satisfied with our final product. Finding the best company to make vehicle according to your needs is hard, we welcome you to our company where we will do almost everything until your vehicle is ready to operate and give you good service. If you need comfortable seats for your vehicle visit our offices, we stock a variety of imported seats. KVM is a unique company you can’t compare us with any other company in the field of manufacturing vehicles.

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