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Safe Hostels in JomoKenyatta University

safe hostels in jomokenyatta university


The growing trend in the number of insecurity cases is disrupting the peace of many Kenyans making it hard for them to carry out their daily activities in a more comfortable and peaceful manner.Specialissts and experts have shown that insecurity can be eliminated if only one will look for houses that are built and well maintaned by having stable security and good light system.In JomoKenyatta university,the following hostels are the most secred for students that wish to find comfortabe reading environments.

Rising Cork

The hostel is safe with a stable gate and good security.Identity and proper checking of incoming facilities makes one feel that the place is generally free from criminal activities and that can be very peaceful.Theplace is clean with plenty supply of water.The people in the area are very interactive and any neighbour that may experience hardships cannot be isolated from the rest of the community.They stay in a brotherly union with one another.

Varsity View

The hostel has a free wifii that makes it essential for students to browse the internet at the comfor of their rooms making it elimainate any scenarious in which stduents are hijacked at the middle of the nyt and harrassed by unkown people.The rooms are big and clean providing one with alot of comfort to study and interact with others.

Straight Security Hostels

As the name sounds,the hostels are good and pocket friendly more especially to parents that can not afford to pay the high rental fees.A national identy card or student card is needed for one to be verifeid to enter a particular room they are in need of.The students that become fast to pay rent are rewarded with the owner by being taken for an overnight dinner.Payment of rent is also not very strict provided one gives acceptable reasons.Deposit s refudned upon one finishing their stay at the place.

Prime Ways

One of the best hostels in around juja,they are good enough more especially for people that love sharing rooms and staying together.They ahve good and big rooms that can accomodate various assets that students need nad a good baslcon for one to view and find fresh airfrom the outside ecosystem.

Pink House

It is one of the cleanest places in juja.Pink house is very spacious and the rooms are clean.Adequate supply of water and electricty provides one with a stable environment to work with and achieve their desired type of peace.Furtrhermore,the place requires one to dentfy themselves by providing a reliable national identity card for security reasons.Their rental price is fair when rooms are shared.

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