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Problems Affecting the City of Nairobi

problems affecting the city of nairobi



The problem of insecurity has continued to be a major and big issue affecting the people of Nairobi area. It has now been a longtime since various efforts in establishing stable security in the city have continually failed to excel. Nairobi has a lot of unemployed youth some of which venture into crime as a way of getting their daily basic needs and money to survive.


The city has the largest number of people when it comes to urbanization in the country. Many families in Nairobi are desperately sharing a single room that serves all the basic functions of a self contained house. Overpopulation is continuing day by day and the government has gone ahead to look for ways of ensuring that the practice comes to an end soon.

Poor Sanitation

The city of Nairobi mostly the slums are affected by high rates of poor sanitation. Many families are living in dirty environments filled with litter and polythene materials. Nairobi continues to experience a lot of sanitation problems as observed in the area of medicine in which high cases of typhoid are reported and continue to affect majority of residents.

Poor Housing

Majority of houses in the slum areas of the city are poorly constructed with others being made by polythene material. It has come to the attention of many investors that a lot of families are hugely affected during the rainy season in which heavy downpour can make them lose a lot of property as water sweeps away all the assets found in the house.

Traffic congestion

Some residents in Nairobi own personal cars and travelling along the city has been another major challenge. It has come to the realization that most people prefer leaving their cars home as the roads are highly flooded causing jams that make people delay for their daily occupations. The problem is being addressed by the city council offices and it will soon be dealt with.

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