Most Insecure Slums of Nairobi

most insecure slums of nairobi



The city of Nairobi is continually facing the hardship problem by having high levels of insecurity. It has come to the realization that crime is growing at high levels more especially in the slum regions of the city. The government is trying all ways possible to reduce crime but the efforts are not bearing much fruits.


The place has for a longtime been known for the occurrence of frequent bomb lasts. Many places have been characterized by crime scenarios with a number of many young youths trying to exploit innocent Kenyans of their money by pick pocketing. Security in the area has been quite affected by a number of factors including the presence of the increased number of Somalis that most believe to be members of the alshabab.


The place has been characterized by frequent disputes relating to land. Most people in the area continually argue over land making it unsecure of any one to seek accommodation as they can be affected by the fighting that is ongoing in the place. A good example of the above will be the case in which the famous Maina Njenga was shot and his health affected. It is therefore important that one focuses on the security of the place before renting and deciding to stay at the place. Many people are moving away from the place.


The place has been oflate experiencing a lot of insecurity problems. Majority of residents have continually complained about the levels of security. A bomb exploded at the place that killed some people and left several others injured and others left with serious injuries.


The current social relationship in the country is bringing a lot of differences in the opinion of citizens. The residents can throw a lot of stones as it has been observed in the way they conduct themselves when the famous club  gor mahia playing.Many residents were injured along the process.

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