Best Industries in Thika

best industries in thika


Thika is one of the fastest growing industrial towns in the country that is going ahead to attract the attention of many investors in the world.The town is a major industrial centre in the country and the folloing list provides some of the best industries found in the place.


The company deals with supplying the delmonte product all over the country.It is a popular drink among many kenyans and anyone wishing to get it in bulk can visist the place and obtain more of the product by finding out more from the recipients and people that are working in the place that can have much informationconcerning any place of interest for a person that works in the place.It is a growing comapny that is providing alot of emplyment opportunities to kenyans looking for jobs.


It is one of the biggest company in the country and has one of its branches in Thika town.The company is providing alot of employment opportunities to residents  in the place.It deals with a wide range of products that are demand.It is found online and any business personnels that wish to find some time to visit the place can appply and find some parttime job with the company.Bidco is a good place as it offeres friendly services to its customers and has good quality products.

Saana Shoes Limited

The company specializes in distributing various types and designs of shoes that continue to get high demand among many people of the area.Many people are demanding shoes at a high rate including business personnels that frequently visist the industries to obtain shoes needed for their customers.

Kenya Vehicle manufactures

The company deals and caters to various problems arising from vehilces.It gets the spareparts that it later distributes to its experts that come up with good models of the various vehilcles demaded by their customers.Anyone wishing to  buy good reliable vehilces should visit the place 

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